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Roller blinds are an excellent way to cover windows, one of the most popular blind choices out there, in fact. Available in a range of colours, fabrics and patterns we reckon you can find a place for them in almost any room of the house. But here are some more unique and interesting ways to use roller blinds. 


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Double Rollers

Get the best of both worlds and team a sunscreen with a block out roller blind. Typically placed at the rear of the window, the sunscreen roller blind will provide daytime privacy, allows the natural light to come in whilst still retaining the view from your window. A block out roller blind usually placed at the front of the window gives night time privacy and blocks out most of the light from the street lights, cars or the moon. The Russells double bracket system is second to none allowing two blinds to fit into smaller window reveals that others cannot.


Not sure which blinds will suit your home? Get your free guide to choosing blinds here.


Hidden art

Because it sits flat with no creases when lowered, a roller blind can act like a bonus piece of artwork. It could be a striking pattern or a single image, but if this idea tickles your fancy then Russells offer a range of patterned fabrics to choose from.

Motorise them

First of all, eliminating the chain or cord operating mechanism is a safety no-brainer in a home with young kids. But motorisation also makes roller blinds the ideal choice for hard to reach windows. Motorised roller blinds can be controlled by wall switches or remotes so if you’ve left them uncovered because they’re too high up, this is the answer. Paired with an app for your phone or tablet, you can remotely control your blinds from anywhere!


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Pair them with curtains

A light-diffusing fabric, such as our sunscreen rollers, is made of a very fine mesh-like material that allows light through without letting people see in. These can be lowered all the time with a curtain pulled across the front at night for total light blocking and privacy. If you have a window that overlooks a footpath or neighbour’s house, this is a great option. 

Which rooms?

As we said before, we think the right roller blind can work in almost any room of the home. It just depends what you’re trying to achieve and choosing the right fabric for it. For example, the blind in the bathroom doesn’t need to block out light but it does need to give you privacy and be moisture-resistant. In a bedroom it’s the opposite, the blind needs to make the room dark so a total blackout roller blind fabric is required. 

Where roller blinds work well:
  • Conservatory/sunroom
  • Home study
  • Bedrooms
  • Living areas
  • Tall, thin windows
  • High up windows
Where they’re less likely to work:
  • French doors – the handles can get in the way.
  • Bathrooms and laundries – we’re not saying they can’t go here, but you do need to ensure you choose a fabric that has been treated to prevent mould and mildew growing.
  • Kitchens – as above, consider a flame retardant fabric also. Roller blinds are an ideal option for these areas due to their ease of cleaning and ability to be rolled up out of the way when required. They are a much better option than fabric blinds which can trap cooking smells, grease and are inherently a fire risk.


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Considerations when choosing roller blinds
  • Select the right transparency for what you need, eg. light blocking or diffusing
  • Will you have it mounted inside or outside the frame?
  • Choosing either a front (where the fabric hides the roller tube) or back roll (which sits closer to the glass but will expose the roller tube) will determine whether the blind sits flush or juts out from the wall. Depending on the configuration of your windows, this may determine the roll type.

Think roller blinds might be right for your home? Download our free guide to help you choose.


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