6 key décor trends

Tania Naudé
Written by Tania Naudé
Russells Consultant
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We love style and the fact that everyone has their own preferences. Here are six décor trends to aspire to and the perfect Russells product to get the look.


This is a newcomer to interior design (as opposed to one of those trends that, while timeless, simply cycle in and out of fashion). Similar to shabby chic from a few years ago (which was about rustic beauty) only much more reminiscent of an English country cottage. To get this aesthetic decorate with reclaimed wood, tapestry and cross-stitch, dried flower bouquets, doilies and floral prints – like, really floral! The colours and floral print fabric in this room on trend for cottagecore, including the wall paneling.

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Primary colours

If you love rich yet simple colour in your living environment, you’re in luck. Interior trends are leaning towards colours in this palette. We like blue in particular; it’s one of our fabric trends. At the same time as it can calm, a bold blue is also energising. Check out our top blue fabric picks here.

Natural materials

You may have noticed the houseplant trend growing over the last couple of years. We see this as part of a bigger overall trend towards natural materials. Add greenery, stone and wood into your home to create this look. In terms of curtain fabrics, linens and cottons are natural but in our experience can be unsuitable fabric types for the New Zealand environment. We have plenty of options that offer the same look and feel though, so ask your consultant to see the linen/cotton-look fabrics during your consultation. In particular, light toned woods are favoured right now, like in this room, which features a Russells Premium timber venetian blind in colour ‘oak’.


The ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach is becoming very mainstream in-home interiors with more and more consumers opting not to buy new and instead getting quality secondhand or upcycling old furniture.

We don’t recommend buying secondhand curtains or blinds as they are unlikely to fit your windows and function how you need them too. Instead, we have introduced our Eco Range of sustainable fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles. Learn more about that process here.

The 80s

When one thinks of the 1980s, some very specific trends come to mind. But surprisingly, much of that era’s influence came from the art deco period but with a ‘modern world’ spin. And now the 80s are back! Get the look by introducing shiny surfaces such as glass (and glass bricks), marble and stone, lacquer, brass, chrome, etc. Pastel colours with a splash of black was a common colour theme back then.

For window furnishings that fit this theme, try our aluminium venetian blinds in a slimline slat size.


Iris Apfel, the American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon says, “More is more and less is a bore.” Maximalism is your license to have more of everything - more colour, more patterns, more fabrics, more accessories. The key to maximalism is to have a theme that ties the look together and sticking to it strictly; anything else will look a hodgepodge random mess. Find a fabric or wallpaper you love and repeat the colours and patterns in it to throughout the room. It’s a fab way to show off your personality in your home, tell a story and layer old and new pieces together coherently. Here is a room that features SEVEN different patterns, but because they all revolve around the key colours of blue, orange and mustard from the curtain fabric, overall it looks cohesive and all the layers of colours and patterns have a purpose.

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