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A textile that has been used for centuries because of its natural and luxurious feel, linen can elevate any room and bring a level of texture as well. Popular for its timeless appeal and elegant look, linen curtains remain an understated and relaxed staple in many homes. Available in various weights from solid colours to thin voiles and even polyester linen-look options, this curtain option is currently experiencing a resurgence due to the fact 100% linen is also 100% organic. Here’s just a few of the many options we offer and how they could be styled in your home.


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Kyoto by James Dunlop

This 100% Linen originates in Turkey and while it’s light and floaty as you’d expect from linen, it’s texture, weight and seven colour options allow it to be styled to suit a variety of spaces. Due to it being 100% linen, we do recommend a lining to protect the fabric from fading and sun damage. Its versatile colour options means you have the choice to either complement is with matching furniture or supplement it with bolder shades.


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Tidal by James Dunlop

A light voile that comes from Turkey, Tidal is designed to be lined for a soft, floaty look in your home. Made up of 60% linen, it can be used to create a natural and subdued feel – perfect for lad back living livings, bedrooms and reading spaces. This shade, ‘Cloud’ is only one of five colour options that use the same lined pattern to add a little height in any room. As it’s a voile, it can sit against white or neutral walls and be surrounded by similar tones to accent a minimal space. And because of the nature of the pattern, Tidal adds a handcrafted look to any room it’s hung in.


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Chatham by James Dunlop

Part of what makes Chatham so impressive is that while it features a highly textured weave, it’s actually made of polyester and is a ‘linen-look’ option. A great look with a price point to match, this solid-colour fabric is available in over 25 colour options, so there is no room that it cannot add a striking feature or subtle accent too. As a linen-look curtain, Chatham gives the dimension and texture that you can expect from a hand loom. But being made from polyester, they’re a much more durable option that stands up to other modern textiles. 

While these three curtain options can elevate any modern space, they’re only a fraction of the vast range our consultants recommend daily. If you’d like one to talk you through every option in the comfort of your own home, book a free consultation today or download our free guide on choosing the right curtains for more inspiration.


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