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Nothing brings indoor/outdoor flow to a room better than big, expansive sliding glass doors. They offer beautiful views, easy ventilation and allow plenty of natural light into a room. Their one disadvantage is a potential lack of privacy, so we need to consider the best option for closing off the outside world at night while also taking into account the sheer size of the area that needs covering.


Curtains offer the broadest choice of looks with different hanging heights, a variety of hardware (ie, tracks, rods, or motorization), and an almost unending selection of fabrics they can be made from.

Unlike blinds, curtains are the bulkiest of your options and once open will potentially infringe on the sides of the glass, only an issue if you have limited stacking space and are looking to get the maximum viewing out your sliding glass door.

For light control and daytime privacy, you could consider a sheer curtain underneath that remains pulled during the day, especially when you are not home.

 Levande 26 LR


Roman blinds

As a single feature sitting horizontally above the window, Roman blinds allow maximum light and view from your sliding glass door. Folded tightly and neatly they’re quite inconspicuous. However, they’re only an option if there is room on the wall above the window frame where it could sit out of the way, not obstructing the opening and closing of the door.

If you’d like the option of controlling light these are not a good choice as you can only cover the window from the top down, unlike vertical blinds which can break up and filter light in a chosen direction.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds take little stacking space at the top of your window but like Roman blinds, there are limits as to how wide a window can be covered using a single blind. Unlike Romans however, Roller blinds can be linked together so a wide slider door can be covered with multiple blinds but controlled by a single chain on one side. These are a great option if you’re main priority is ease of use, and a tidy modern look.



Venetian blinds

Not recommended for such a wide and often used space as sliding glass doors. With the general rule of thumb that horizontal stripes are best in smaller doses, a large slider in venetians may seem too busy. You could have several blinds instead of one big one, but it would be unbearable if the slats didn’t match up exactly. Wood and Wood look Venetians are made of reasonably heavy materials making opening and closing them an awkward task.


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a very practical option for sliding glass doors and are staging a comeback in popularity. Their main advantage over other options is that they offer day and night time privacy in one blind sit neatly within the sill. Stacking is also an advantage as you can have them tack off to the side away from the door opening or if the opening is in the middle, to stack evenly on both sides offering balance. Vertical blinds do take some care in their operation in order to not get them entangled or out of alignment but all in all they are functional, lightweight and easy to clean. Perhaps the best functionality of vertical blinds is their ability to control natural light. Imagine you want to watch a movie during the day, you can close them completely flat, or have the slats slightly open and on an angle to allow light in but keep glare off the TV.

Rufflette VVB 1304 RR copy 


Whatever choice you make, a couple of other considerations need to be factored in:

One is insulation; sliding glass doors are all glass, that’s a big surface for heat to escape through.

The other things to consider is that you may, at some point, want to have your curtains or blinds drawn but still have ventilation, so whatever you choose think about the way it will behave with air blowing through.

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