Blind choices for your apartment

Apartments are often in built up urban areas. With lots of people around, you need your blinds to keep your privacy, block out light at night and if possible, reduce noise. Space is also a key factor in choosing blinds. We think venetians, rollers, honeycombs and Veri Shades® are the best options. Here’s why:

Wood venetians

A great way to bring natural materials into an urban environment. Venetians don’t take up a lot of space, they offer great privacy, and have the advantage of letting you control the amount of incoming light while they’re down. The only downside to venetians is that finding replacement slats can sometimes be difficult.

Roller blinds

Apartments aren’t usually big on space which makes roller blinds ideal – they’re very compact. They’re easy to operate, even more so if you choose our Zero Gravity cordless operation. Sunscreen roller blinds can protect your furniture from UV rays and their blockout counterparts can make falling asleep a breeze if you live near bright lights. Our dual blinds give you both at once.

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Veri Shades®

Offering excellent light and privacy control, their vertical nature can give an impression of height to make your apartment feel bigger. If you have glass doors out onto a patio Veri Shades® are the best options to cover that as you can walk right through.


An energy-efficient option traps pockets of air in their cell structure for better insulation. This also helps them reduce noise a bit so consider them if you’re in a noisy area. Our honeycomb blinds come in blockout, translucent or a combo of both so you’re covered day and night.

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