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Apartment living is great for people who’d rather save on renting an entire house and living centrally comes with a number of advantages. With space being a key factor, blinds are a great option when it comes to decorating an apartment because they take up less space than curtains and are available in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle. Here are just a few options that can turn any apartment into a home. 


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Not sure which blinds will suit your home? Get your free guide to choosing blinds here.



A great way to bring a natural feel into a modern apartment, Venetians are designed to be left down and the slats tilted up or down. This gives you the advantage of controlling the amount of incoming light and allowing privacy during the night or daytime as required. An added bonus is that most Venetians allow for a couple of extra replacement slats if any get damaged or broken otherwise matching slats these days is not too difficult provided the blind is not too old. They’re available in a range of whites and various wood tones to suit any apartment and come in aluminum, wood or faux wood with various slat sizes depending on your choice of material. 


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Depending on how these are mounted Rollers can be an effective option for blocking light and offering privacy. Roller blinds are a great minimal option available in a range of colours and textures. The choices around fabric options for rollers vary depending on your lifestyle, but sunscreen options can protect your furniture from UV rays and their block-out counterparts can make falling asleep a breeze if you live near bright lights. Often operated via a chain control, for child safety they can also be raised or lowered by hand or for those who love to operate their blinds by timer, remotely or the comfort of their own bed couch, automation is the way to go.


Much like venetians, tilting the slats of vertical blinds allow you to let light in while they’re still drawn, with a range of options much like a curtain as to how they are drawn – off to one side, stacking to the middle or centre split opening like a pair of drapes. This makes them a good option in apartments because it’s easy to access angled windows and if you have a balcony you can keep the blinds drawn for privacy while the door is open for ventilation. Verticals can be operated by cords, a chain or a wand. 


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An energy-efficient option that offers the ability to trap pockets of warm air, honeycomb blinds are brilliant for insulation during winter but also work well to keep your apartment cooler in the summer months too. Typically backed in a white fabric which offers light reflection and UV protection, this also provides a neutral appearance from the outside which is great for any apartment restrictions around window coverings. When mounted within the window frame the block-out Honeycombs do great job of blocking light whilst the translucent blinds softly filter the light and the sheer versions allow you to also keep your view.

If you’re considering blinds in your home or apartment and are unsure about which window treatment is the best solution for you, you’ll find everything you need to know in our helpful guide to choosing blinds. Download your free copy now. 


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