Choosing the perfect blinds for your bedroom

Written by Jodi-Anne
Russells Consultant
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The huge variety of blinds available means there are vast differences in the kinds of looks you can have in a bedroom. But that’s just one thing to consider. Here’s our advice on safety, access and operation, noise reduction and privacy and light control – all important things to factor into choosing the best blinds for your bedroom.

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What style do you prefer?

What is your preference when it comes to looks? Do you like the clean lines of venetian or vertical blinds? You could take that a step further and install shutters instead. Roller blinds provide a streamlined, contemporary look. A classic fabric roman blind brings an element of softness to the bedroom. And honeycomb blinds are a mix, offering softness and a streamlined look.

Colour and pattern

The bedroom is a room that needs to be somewhat calm to promote relaxation and good sleep. Excessively bold or bright colours and patterns may be over-stimulating. The bedroom is also a room that is often shared between people so landing somewhere between both your tastes is a good idea. Also, remember that your bedding may change regularly so you want to choose something that will complement your entire suite of covers.

Privacy and light control

As a bedroom is used for sleeping, blocking out light is fairly important. For kids or those sensitive to light when trying to sleep, a blockout roller blind or snuggly fitted and lined roman blind will be the best choice.

Roman blinds inherently have side light gaps but these can be minimised by going wider and longer than the frame when outside fitted.

Roller blinds fitted within the window frame (inside mount) will have small light gaps so we recommend opting instead for a back-rolled blind fitted to the outside of the frame. You can hide the roller tube and maintain a clean-line look by adding a fascia.

Another option is to go for dual roller blinds (blockout and sunscreen together) or pair a blockout roller blind inside the window frame with a sheer curtain over the outside; this gives you privacy and light during the day and darkenss at night.

Or, we have honeycomb blinds available that offer blockout and translucent as a combo.

Noise reduction

Blocking out noise completely won’t be possible. It can be reduced but it takes the absorption of sound vibrations, something blinds simply don’t offer due to being made out of either hard or very thin materials. Our range of honeycomb blinds may help you. If blocking out noise is something you do want to investigate, read our blog on soundproofing bedrooms.

Bamboo by James Dunlop in Smoke


If there are likely to be children in this bedroom be very wary of the hazard posed by blind cords. Our Zero Gravity roller blind cordless operation is a childsafe option. If your blinds do have a corded system, make sure they are tightly wound around a cleat and out of reach. The other essential safety item is a tensioner. Whether it’s a cord or chain (another common operating mechanism) tensioners keep the controls tidy and stop them from dangling or flapping around in a breeze when the window is open.

Window access and blind operation

Different styles of blinds open and close differently and the style of window you have may affect your decision. For example, windows that are hinged at the top and open from the bottom are easy to access by just lifting the blind so any style that raises to open will do.

Windows that are hinged at the side will have the handle positioned a bit higher so a blind that is drawn across (like a vertical) might be easier for access. If you have a sliding glass or French door in your bedroom, again, verticals are best for unobstructed access.


If you’re an allergy sufferer, blinds made of hard materials won’t attract dust like fabric does and they’re easy to keep clean. If your bedroom gets a lot of sun discount aluminum Venetian blinds, as these could reflect excess heat into the room.

Everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home

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