Choosing the right curtains for blue walls

Roz Collins
Written by Roz Collins
Russells Consultant
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The right curtains can add to the aesthetic of a room and bring the whole thing seamlessly together. But curtains can feel boring, or even jarring if they don’t properly complement the rest of the décor. An important thing to consider when choosing curtains is your wall colour. Today we’re looking at how to choose curtains for blue walls. From pastel blues to deep navy, blue is a popular wall colour but it can be difficult to choose curtains that will bring your blue walls to life.

Whether you’re after dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains that block all light, or a blockout and sheer combination for a light airy feel during the day, you want to find fabrics and colours that will complement your walls, while avoiding too stark a contrast or a matchy-matchy look.

50 shades of blue

Whatever shade of blue your walls are, a good rule of thumb is to go a few shades lighter or darker. This provides just enough contrast between the curtains and the walls to create some interest without it being too extreme. This is a great option if you already have other points of focus in the room like a statement couch or table to avoid competing focal points.

Choose a complementary colour

Complementary colours are those directly opposite on the colour wheel—across from blue is yellow. If you’re looking for something that will stand out a bit more, a shade of yellow or orange will work well but make sure to show some restraint. A bright yellow curtain against royal blue walls will be overpowering. But a bright yellow curtain with deep navy blue walls can be beautiful. Aim for one or both of the colours to be a more muted shade, or look for patterned fabrics that have a little bit of the complementary colour for a more subtle approach.

Perfect neutrals

When you already have colourful walls, neutrals can be a great choice and they definitely don’t need to be boring. If you’re looking to soften the feel of a room, opt for shades of white, cream, or beige, but if you want to bring the drama, blue is one of the few wall colours that look really good with dark grey or even black curtains.

When it comes to neutrals, be sure to consider the different effects of warm or cool shades on your space as well. Cool greys and whites provide a sharp, clean look while warm cream or beige tones feel softer and lighter.

Luxurious velvet

Beyond colour, there is material to consider and velvet is the perfect choice for floor-to-ceiling curtains in bold rooms. Be careful not to overpower small rooms with the heavy look of velvet curtains, but in a large space, they add an instant feeling of luxury. From gold to navy to chartreuse, velvet curtains and blue walls can make an incredible statement in the right room.

Things to consider

When deciding on curtains for a blue room there are a few things to consider that will help narrow your choices. How do you want the room to feel when you walk in? Light and airy? Or moody? Or playful? Next, consider the functional aspects you need from curtains in the room. For example, in bedrooms, light-blocking is important for quality sleep, but it might not be necessary for a dining room. Finally, remember there is no ‘wrong’ choice—choosing curtains is a personal decision and the most important thing is that you are happy with the result.

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