Decorating your bedroom on a budget

Rochelle Anderson
Russells Consultant
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On average, we spend at least 25 years of our lives in our bedrooms – and that only accounts for the time we’re asleep. Many of us love to cozy up on our beds and relax, watch movies or read a book to pass the time, so it makes sense that your room should be place enjoy spending time in, right? Decorating your room is a great way to reflect your style but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So, here are some simple (and affordable) ways you can redecorate your room.

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New bedding

Depending on the size of your room, chances are that your bed is the largest object in it. So without having to repaint the room, some new bedding is a great way to add some texture and colour while upping the comfort factor. Duvet covers, pillowslips and cushions are affordable options that come in a variety of colours, and faux mink blankets feel plush and luxurious without a luxury price tag.

Get some colour up

While painting all four walls is an option, there are easier ways to introduce colour into your bedroom. Make a feature wall with a splash of paint or wallpaper.

Hanging some art is also a simple way you can change up your room. Shop around for cheap prints online or visit gift shops and check out their fancy single sheets of gift wrap as sometimes these come as a whole print not just a repeated pattern. It’s also possible to get your own photos professionally printed and framed for less than you’d think. The best thing about hanging art is that it doesn’t have to be permanent, if your tastes change it’s as simple as hanging something else.

Create a mood with lighting

Besides the bedside lamps, playing with light creates different moods in your room. LED strips are bright, inexpensive and available in a number of colours, as are fairy lights that don’t require any extra installation. Your local art or design store may have some fun neon options or lights that have been put in acrylic shapes, making it easy to add colour and personality to any space.

Hang some new curtains or blinds

Not only do curtains and blinds play a role in the style of your room, but they’re also a functional option worth considering. If you’re the type that loves to curl up with a good movie in bed, blockout curtains or blinds can make it feel like your bed is in the cinema. And if you’re windows can be seen into from the street or over the fence, it’s possible to pair blockouts with sheers to maintain privacy without having to change in the dark.

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