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If you’ve been holding off redecorating, this could be the year to do it. With several absolutely gorgeous home décor trends gaining in popularity, the time is right to create something special.

Bloomfield by James Dunlop in Heather

Statement furniture

Accent/statement walls are being replaced in favour of statement furniture; one eye-catching piece that takes pride of place in the room. This can be achieved either with a bold print or colour - check out the Clementine Couch from New Zealand designers Miss Lolo, available in striking colours like purple, emerald, royal blue, mandarin and more. - or take a cue from the 70s and introduce a curved couch into your living room. Shapley furniture is set to make a comeback. It looks great from any angle and brings soft curves that offset the boxiness of a room.

Statement flooring

Another place to draw attention to is the floor. You’ve probably noticed chevron and herringbone patterns becoming popular, but there’s so much more you can do. Moduleo Moods is a flooring range made up of rectangles, hexagons, triangles and diamonds of varying sizes, colours and stone and wood textures. Mix and match to create over 110 beautiful floor designs.

Maharaja by James Dunlop in Atlantic

Jewel tones

One of the colour trends in home décor this year is deep, rich invigorating jewel tones. Pantone has named Ultra Violet as Color of the Year so expect to see lots of luscious sapphire blues, emerald greens, ruby reds and amethyst purples. If splashing these bold colours all around is too much, introduce just a taste with cushions or a throw.

Tone on tone

Monochrome is still in, but as well as black and white, another way to do monochrome (which technically means ‘single colour’) is tone on tone, decorating a room entirely in the same color family. Take one colour and apply it throughout a room in varying shades. This look does take discipline, as it’s very easy to overdo it or get the balance of shades wrong.


Metallic have been in for a while but we’re shifting away from rose gold and brushed silver and seeing a resurgence in brass. Its slightly aged finish works harmoniously with both vintage looks and as a nice juxtaposition with the ultra modern.

New neutrals

Neutrals tones this year are trending towards stoney colours like charcoal and slate.

Wabi Sabi

It started coming through in 2017 and is predicted to be one of the biggest things in home décor. ‘Wabi Sabi’ is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. Anything that is or looks handmade or hand-painted (eg. linens, pottery/crockery, art and knick knacks) is in. Rummage the opshops for vintage Temuka pottery or check out Or you could get crafty and start making things yourself; they don’t have to be perfect!

Upcycled furniture

The beauty of upcycled furniture, and the reason it keeps popping up as a home decor trend, is that it’s essentially a blank slate. You could take an old piece of furniture and apply any one of the colour, pattern or style trends mentioned here and it would look great! Pinterest is a great source for ideas to get started. Upcycling also helps reduce your carbon footprint because you’re reusing and recycling.

Soft natural light

Natural light is always in style, but it’s becoming more popular to filter and soften it with sheers. This style of window treatment has come a long way since the nets you might remember your Granny having. They now come in all manner of contemporary colours and patterns.


The floral look currently trending is big and bold rather than traditional and feminine.

Curtains and blinds

As you’ve read above, colour and pattern trends are bold florals, jewel tones and dark stoney neutrals. Another bold trend to look out for is geometric patterns. Curtains and blinds are the perfect part of a room to bring through these trends. And here’s another one, layering your window treatments – roller blinds or sheers paired with curtains overtop or just decoratively sitting either side.

Natural accents

Somewhat in parallel with the wabi sabi trend, natural accents are the big thing in home accessories - wooden bowls, geodes and crystals, vases made of concrete and dried flower arrangements. Two things to bear in mind - don’t overdo it and stick to earthy material rather than things from the sea.

Art gallery walls

Even a minimalist can appreciate having lots of pictures clustered on a wall. Group random sizes together and enjoy the haphazardness or mount a collection centrally and symmetrically.

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