Styles and trends from 2010 to today

Can you believe the decade is over? Neither can we. In the last ten years trends have come and gone, so we thought we’d look back at some of the most popular choices before seeing what 2020 might have in store.

White kitchens and granite benchtops

Both were huge trends at the beginning of the decade; however, granite dropped in popularity around 2015. The contrast it creates when paired with white, a colour that’s remained ever popular throughout the decade, was a big reason people chose it – as was the fact that no two cuts of stone are the same. But from the middle of the decade onwards, the trend shifted to marble for its subtle patterns that offer the same luxurious feel.

Wall clocks

These are still popular as ever, but it was only in the last ten years or so that big analogue clocks started appearing in kitchens, living rooms and offices around the world. The trend seems certain to make its way into this decade, and modern takes on them include digital versions or retro-inspired flip clocks.


Regardless of the colour, the last decade saw plenty of velvet. In the right room it instantly adds a level of luxury that other fabrics simply can’t provide, and because it’s available in so many shades there really is something for everyone. As we move into the new decade, it’s unlikely that we’ll see this trend change dramatically, so keep an eye out for more colours and more affordable options.

Multi Stem by Sekers

Looking ahead

Where the 10s were about saying fresh and modern for the most part, towards the end of the decade we saw the conversation shift towards sustainability. Larger societal discussions around topics like climate change, work/life balance and even the banning of plastic bags have impacted how we live at home. So, in 2020 and beyond, expect to see a few of these themes work their way into interior design:


On average, people are spending more time at work. So, with many of us living in urban centres; whether in paint, wallpaper, rugs or especially indoor plants – green is both a colour and a feeling to watch moving forward. Whether it’s in the form of a linen fabric or a floral pattern for your curtains, both options can help create a modern oasis to come home and relax in.


On the topic of sustainability, refurbishing old furniture and opting for a retro look is also something worth considering. You could hang a print from your local opshop or even find a few fun cushions made using interesting patterns and fabrics. Think corduroy, suede and even rattan in soft neutral tones and rich contrasting colours.

What’s in store for curtains and blinds?

When it comes to the next ten years of window furnishings, one thing we’re expecting is more automation and an increased emphasis on functionality over style. In some cases, it can be the deciding factor. But with our extensive range of fabrics, we think it’s possible to achieve both.

One product to keep an eye out for is double roller blinds. They let you pair a sunscreen or light-filter fabric with a blockout blind to achieve seamless privacy, and a great night’s sleep, at any time of day. Be sure to ask your consultant about them during your no obligation, free in-home consultation.

Carmen by James Dunlop

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