Pick up liners: why you should be lining your curtains

Nadia Davy
Written by Nadia Davy
Russells Consultant
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Curtains are a beautiful addition to any room, adding depth and plushness that only swathes of fabric can.

While there are so many beautiful patterns, designs and materials to choose from - the sure-fire way to maximise your curtains’ primary purpose (blocking light, retaining heat, privacy) is to line those bad boys.

A good, thick lining can even reduce noise - how’s that for clever?! At Russell’s we have a range of linings available and can ensure you find the right solution for your space.

Thermal coated fabrics

Curtains and blinds can be unlined but the face fabric can be thermally or block-out coated. Available in one pass (light filtering), two pass (dim out) or three pass (block-out). These will determine how much light comes through the curtain however for extra thermal efficiency we recommend adding an additional thermal lining.

Thermal coated fabrics improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home by being treated with layers of acrylic. ** However thermal coated fabrics usually are quite stiff in the way they hang so if you want a look where the drape falls softly, you may want to look at a lined drape instead.

Cedar by Scion in Blush/Toffee/Taupe

Thermal coated linings

While it sounds similar to the above, thermal coated linings are a separate lining to the face fabric. It also comes in one pass (light filtering), two pass (dim out) or three pass (block-out).

Opting for a separate thermal lining provides a whole new level of protection - not just for your room, but for the facing fabric, too.

The reason curtains keep room warm is because they stop the air inside cooling, and with thermal lining, a warm air pocket is created between the lining and curtain, stopping the cold air sinking and pushing hot air up - where it too, cools.

Drapes that are lined with thermal or woven linings are very effective at protecting your house from extreme temperatures - keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus depending on your choice of face fabric, they will drape more softly than a thermal coated fabric.

Orlando by Maurice Kain in Pacific

Block-out fabric

Block-out fabric is actually backed by a type of foam, which block out the most amount of light and give you the most amount of privacy. For travellers, shift workers, and parents of babies, block out fabrics can be a god’s send in the bedroom.


Interlining - as the name suggests - is the layer of fabric between the main curtain facing fabric and the lining.

Invented to increase thermal performance and reduce noise because of their thicker makeup, interlined curtains provide an extra barrier to prevent cold drafts blowing in and warm air seeping out.

The extra layer also means the curtains are heavier than their un-interlined counterparts, the extra make making them hang better and look thicker and plusher whether open or closed. Consider choosing a pleat style like a Single Pleat or Reverse Single Pleat to keep your fullness down.

Interlining comes in bumph (baby weight), interline (mid-weight) or bumph micro (thick like a duvet).

Woven or triple-weave linings curtains

Again, as the name suggests - this type of lining is made up of three interwoven layers which create a soft finish favoured for the way it drapes.

Woven with a black thread in the centre, it creates a tonal self-lining - genius!

Thick and tightly woven, it is perfect for heat and cold insulation, ** known to be predominately dim out but some woven fabrics can have up to 95% block out. This style is favoured for its flame retardant properties and longevity - making them popular for commercial and rental spaces.

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