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Recently, we were given the opportunity to consult, plan and install a range of products throughout a stunning new Queenstown build. Identifying just how the homeowners wanted to live in their home formed the basis of our product recommendations; where we used at least three different treatments in key areas to help enhance their lifestyle. 


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Living room and bedrooms

With large windows in the master bedroom and living spaces that provided a stunning overlook of the town and out towards Cecil Peak, it was clear from the outset that maximising the view was a priority. And in a location where winter transforms the town into a snowy paradise, we had to provide a solution that allows for the best of both worlds. 

Taking these factors into account, we recommended a contemporary style of pleat that allows these large curtains to clear the windows by folding back in a minimalistic style, great for when the amount of space for pushing back the curtains is limited or as in this case maximising the view is a priority. To achieve greater insultation, we added a separate thermal blackout lining to the front fabric so that it traps the air in between the two layers thus increasing the insulation properties for when the temperature drops. The modern fabric was selected to compliment the home and tie in with the carpet and joinery.


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Master ensuite

Much like the bedroom, the master ensuite features windows that make the most of the view on offer. Seeking a contemporary option that maintains privacy while allowing the owners to look outside, we suggested honeycomb blinds as a flexible solution. 

As you can see, the blinds we recommended have been made with a specialty feature called Top-Down Bottom-Up and have been installed to provide the owners the ability to customise the level of privacy they want – even while they’re in the bath. The reasoning behind this was because a full-length option would cut off the top of the mountain view.

 Another reason that made honeycomb blinds suitable in the bathroom is the fact they don’t need any cords to operate, and because you can lift them with a finger there’s no chance you’re going to end up with any water on them.


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Guest bathroom

The window in the guest bathroom was smaller than in the ensuite, but the view out towards the Remarkables was still worthy of the right solution. And to provide the same ability to customise your level of privacy that honeycomb blinds do, we recommended shutters as a way to give three options to any visiting guests.

Whether they’re open or closed, they seamlessly complement the black tapware and towel rail. And just like in the ensuite, you’re able to adjust them while you’re in the bath; opting to open them wide to let look out unimpeded or adjust them individually to your preference.

By working alongside their local Russells consultant, we were able to find and handcraft a range of solutions to meet the needs of these homeowners and enhance their lifestyle. To find out how your local consultant can do the same for you, book a free consultation today.  


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