Tips and thought starters when you decorate your new build

Chloe Ellery
Written by Chloe Ellery
Russells Consultant
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Whether you’re looking at land, house plans or your new home as it takes shape, thinking about its interiors and how you’ll really live in it once moving day arrives is an important part of the building process. We spend about one third of our lives at home, and making yours a place that feels comfortable doesn’t need to be a difficult process. In fact, it should be plenty of fun!

But first things first, where should I start?

You may have heard of this rule before, but when it comes to good design, ‘form should always follow function’. It means that nothing should look great unless it works that way too (more on this later). So, when it comes to styling your home, think of it as a way to prioritise what’s important. Take these questions for example:

“That light fixture might look stunning, but will it provide enough light to read my book each night?”

“That rug might feel amazing, but will it be suitable under my furniture or around kids and pets?”

Getting your head around this idea early on will make the rest of the process so much easier, especially if you’re considering whether you should buy new furniture or try to repurpose what you already have.

Take a look at your new house

Depending on the finishes you’ve already picked for your new home (like doors, cladding or even exterior paint), you can take inspiration from them when it comes to figuring out what you might need or the kind of style you can create. This could be one that you extend throughout your home or be different in certain rooms, but by taking cues from the house itself you can potentially bring elements of it indoors.

If, for example, your roof is corrugated, you can keep an eye out for contemporary tables, chairs or other pieces of furniture that come in similar shades. And if your new home doesn’t have as much garden or outdoor space as you’re used to, you can consider indoor plant options too.

Russells curtains

Make sure it feels like home

One essential function of your décor is how it makes you feel when you’re at home. This can be achieved in so many ways, but a great way to start is by noting what each room of your home should provide.

If you want to feel cozy, undisturbed and calm each night you go to bed, then blockout curtains, soft fabrics and neutral tones can achieve that.

If you want a natural, warm dining or kitchen space, a large wooden chopping board or table and chairs can add that depth you’re after.

Most importantly, however, stick to your budget

Having already invested in a new house, being smart with your budget is key to putting the finishing touches on your brand new home. Our consultants love helping homeowners explore their options when it comes to curtains and blinds specifically, but to help plan your entire home we’ve created a customisable budget template just for you.

It lets you allocate your budget across your entire home, add notes on products you have your eye on and it lets you add or remove sections and rooms as you need to. We’ve even added totals that automatically calculate as you go so there’s no chance you end up over budget.

Free budget planning template

Atlantic by James Dunlop

Learn what to consider in picking the right curtains for your home

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