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Roman blinds are a hybrid of a curtain and a blind. They’re flexible, practical and stylish. Here are our top reasons why we think  Roman blinds are a great option. 

Nearly limitless design choices

Perhaps the main benefit of Roman blinds is the sheer breadth of options you have. Depending on which you choose a Roman blind can be soft and feminine or masculine and tailored.

 Roman blinds come in several different styles, each offering quite a different look. Three very common styles are:

  • A hobbled fold is quite traditional and consists of loops of fabric all the way down the blind.
  • A flat fold is a contemporary style made with one complete piece of fabric making it good for patterns
  • A relaxed Roman Blind offers a lovely casual look. As it has no horizontal dowel rods running through the blind and is instead raised through cords running vertically down either side, the bottom of the blind drapes soft and loosely.

 With different styles, and the fact that Roman blinds can be made out of almost any fabric (even sheers), you’re bound to find a Roman blind that suits your home.


Not sure which blinds will suit your home? Get your free guide to choosing blinds here.


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Timeless and flexible style

As the name suggest, Roman blinds have been around for centuries and have evolved in style to what we know today. It’s a classic blind style that tends not to cycle in and out of “trend” too quickly. With the right fabric choice, Roman blinds have the benefit of a long and stylish life.

 As we said above, the array of fabric and style options you have makes them suitable for any home, from the industrial or minimalist home to the traditional, country or shabby chic.

Light control

Although Roman blinds don’t offer quite the same level of light control as blinds with tilting slats, their pleated style still allows plenty of scope between open and closed to block or let in light. What they do have over slat blinds is that because they are made of one whole piece of fabric there are no gaps for light to filter through when you really do need to block it out completely.


Being made from one whole piece of fabric also means Roman blinds offer great privacy.

Energy efficient

Whether you’re looking to keep heat out or in, properly lined Roman blinds, made from the right fabric, are a tasteful and simple solution in all seasons.


As a general rule, Roman blinds use about 25% less fabric than curtains so they’re a cheaper option.

Soft look

Roman blinds add character to a window and give it a soft appearance, as opposed to other hard material options like wood blinds. 

Good for smaller windows

Smaller windows can be overwhelmed by curtains; Roman blinds take up no space on either side of the window.


Image 6


Clean and tidy look

Some window treatment options create bulk around the window. Not Roman blinds. Whether up or down they have a light, clean, uniform appearance giving the window a streamlined look.

Easy to operate

Roman blinds are simple to raise up and let down using cords but modern technology also allows motorised versions.

Safety considerations

Traditional Roman blinds are made with a series of rings and cords (and sometimes dowel rods) along the back. The cords can create loops when pulled away from the shade, which creates a strangulation hazard for children and pets.

When it’s time to choose the right blinds for your home, you’ll get all the help you need from our helpful free guide. Download a copy now.


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