The best blinds for modern homes

Georgina Marks
Written by Georgina Marks
Russells Consultant
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Simple, clean, functional, innovative. When thinking about modern homes, these are words we think of. So, what the best to suit your contemporary aesthetic?

Veri shades

Veri Shades® are an innovative blend of curtains and blinds. Ideal for large windows and for covering glass doors. Also known as the walkthrough curtain, they hang beautifully with no weights or connecting chains below and whether they’re tilted open or closed, simply sway out of the way before settling back perfectly. Veri Shades® offer privacy and light control you can’t get from traditional curtains. They’re easy to operate and maintain, and child and pet safe too. To note: Veri Shades® cannot provide total light blocking but some colours do offer better room darkening.


A stylish blind alternative, you can tilt the slats to control light and privacy. Shutters can remain closed while window are open for airflow without fluttering in the breeze. Plus they’re available in full panels - sliding or bi-fold - for large expanses of glass. One thing to note with shutters is some opening configurations require space to the side of the window.


Honeycombs are also quite innovative in that their cell-like structure acts in a similar way to double glazing; by trapping a pocket of air, heat and cold doesn’t transfer through very well.

Honeycombs are lightweight so a good option for skylights if necessary, and they can either open from the bottom up, top down or both – which gives you a lot of options. Blockout and translucent sunscreen available for light and privacy control

Roller blinds

Roller blinds align perfectly with the minimalist look many modern homes bear. Super discreet as they roll away to be nothing more than a tube mounted at the top of your window frame. Choose our Zero Gravity operation and you don’t even have to have cords, simply give them a boost then they do the rest.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are timeless, and you can create different looks with different materials, finishes and slat widths. Whatever you choose, their clean lines are in keeping with a modern aesthetic.

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