The easiest way to clean wood Venetian blinds

Cherie Liddell
Written by Cherie Liddell
Russells Consultant
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Venetian blinds are a popular option for highly controllable privacy and light blocking properties with their wide range of rotation. And choosing a wood material for your Venetian blinds can bring a natural warmth and sense of luxury to a room. Wood is also a strong, robust material that easily stands up to everyday use and is less likely to be damaged over time. And properly taking care of them and keeping them clean will help to extend their life and keep them looking their best.

Luckily, cleaning wood Venetian blinds is relatively simple as the slats are more solid than other materials, making them easier to wipe without bending or damaging them.

Here are our top tips for keeping your wood Venetian blinds clean and tidy.

Dust wood Venetian blinds about once a month

Whenever you start to notice dust building up, give them a quick wipe with a soft dry cloth. This will keep them looking tidy and prevent long-term build-up that can be much more difficult to remove. A quality microfibre cloth that picks up the dust instead of just brushing it around is a good choice.

Don’t bother taking down your blinds to clean them

Taking down blinds can be a big hassle and doesn’t actually make them easier to clean and it actually makes accidental damage more likely in the process. Just use the cord control to flip all the slats to one side, wipe them down, flip the other way, and wipe again. Simple!

Avoid using excessive water or moisture when cleaning wood Venetian blinds

A damp cloth is usually all that’s needed for a deep clean of your blinds. Dust them with a dry microfibre cloth first and then wipe them down with a slightly damp cloth to grab any remaining dust and remove any marks. If there are tougher marks that aren’t coming out, use a wood specific cleaner on the spot. Never immerse the blinds in water or use an excess of water when cleaning. Natural wood can absorb moisture and this can cause staining or warping. And definitely avoid harsh cleaning products.

A high-quality, environmentally friendly choice, wood Venetian blinds are a classic choice in many homes. All our wood blinds have two coats of UV protection to prevent warping in the sun and are relatively lightweight, making them perfect for bay windows. Of course, wood is a porous material and if you're planning to hang them in rooms with more moisture like bathrooms or kitchens, you may want to consider a faux wood option. Whichever type of Venetian blind you choose, make sure to use the above tips to keep them clean and tidy.

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