Venetian blinds & roller blinds for sunny windows

Marian Ferguson
Written by Marian Ferguson
Russells Consultant
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With summer comes an increase in bright sunlight which can wreak havoc on your living quarters, creating glare on TVs and other screens, damaging some materials making them brittle, and bleaching carpet and furniture. Here are some suggestions from our consultants plus considerations around operation, maintenance and managing light and privacy.

Light filter by Russells in White

  • Venetian and vertical blinds, or shutters are good because their tiltable slats mean you have huge scope to control light. You can open them completely to let the sun shine in, close them tight to block the light, or tilt the slats to retain privacy but also allow some light in.
  • Sunscreen roller blinds can remain down all day to filter light, retain privacy and protect your furniture from UV. However you will need something for night time to block out light and keep your privacy – pair with a curtain over top or choose a dual roller blind that comes with a blockout version.
  • Russells Premium Veri Shades® are an innovative product that’s somewhere between a vertical blind and a curtain. They’re fade resistant and offer versatility by simply turning one way for privacy and to filter light through the opaque fabric and the other way to let in more light through the mesh fabric. Even better, they have no weights or connecting chains so you can let a breeze flow through and they’re whisper quiet.

If you’re still not sure which is the right option for your home, here’s what you need to consider in making your choice:

Striking the right light/privacy balance

How much of either of these things you need or want could be dependent on where you want it. For example, in a bedroom you’re much more likely to prioritise the blocking out of all light than in a kitchen where a bright, airy feel is appropriate. However, even in the kitchen you still don’t want too much light and heat pouring in or it could spoil any food left out. And in north facing street-front rooms where you do a lot of living, privacy becomes more significant.

How do you want to operate them?

Do you want your blinds to be operated by a pull-cord or chain, twist-wand, digital control or chainless? It’s wise to factor children into this decision – blind cords that dangle quite low are a major safety hazard. Check out our Zero Gravity roller blinds – just a nudge upwards and the blinds do all the work.

Cleaning and maintenance

Although it’s as simple as running a damp cloth across them, blinds with slats are a bit of a magnet for dust and need regular attention and cleaning. Fabric roller blinds are better at hiding dirt for longer but when it does come time for cleaning you could find you either need to hand wash them or send them out for professional cleaning.

Everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home

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