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 A great way to introduce texture into any room is hanging the right curtain, and there are two ways you can achieve this. Textured fabrics give a tactile feel while features and finishes such as patterns can be used to create an overall ‘textured space’. Let’s take a look at both options and find out how they can elevate your home. 


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Whether you’re after a soft look or a statement, textured fabrics provide both. They come almost exclusively in one colour, or in different tones of one shade, but their tactile appeal is what draws people to using them. Light silks or linens are luxurious and make your rooms feel the same way, whereas velvet gives a richness that can only come with the added weight of the fabric and the feeling of glamour associated with it.

We also have a wide range of cottons, acrylics and polyesters that have textures like patterns woven into them. They’re a subtle way to introduce texture without distracting from the room and they’re available in different weights to suit your home. For more information and inspiration, feel free to view our fabric guide.


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By using patterns and different finishes on your curtains you can still create a texture that’s tactile and extend the feeling throughout your home. Geometric patterns are great at bringing both vibrancy and elegance to a space, whilst botanical prints can bring the outside feel into your home, so depending on your furnishings there’s an option to suit. 

Another thing to consider is the pleat style, which is how it is gathered and looks at the top of the curtain.  The pleat style determines the curve of your curtains, how they will fall and hang, stack back off your window and can easily accentuate the style you’re after. Wave Pleats are becoming an increasingly popular trend and along with the Eyelet heading style, they give a larger wave and are a great contemporary and modern finish. Forward facing or Reverse pleats can offer a range of looks from modern and minimalistic, right through to traditional and classic. When you think about which might be right for your home, consider how the space is already furnished. If you’re redesigning or renovating think about how you want the room to look, and more importantly feel, once it’s completed.


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Curtains play a huge part in creating warm, inviting and comforting lives spaces in your home. Due to their size and the fact that just about every room has at least one window, making the right decisions around colour and fabric will have a lasting impact on how your rooms will look and feel as a whole. 

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