What to consider when using a ceiling mount for your curtains

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Many people default to choosing a wall mounted track for their curtains, but ceiling mounted curtains can create a beautiful effect and they are worth considering if you're shopping for new curtains. They can work especially well in large living areas or dining rooms but can also be a beautiful touch in bedrooms. Here are a few of the benefits of ceiling mounted curtains as well as some things to consider before deciding.

Ceiling mounted curtains provide better insulation and light blocking

By hanging curtains from the ceiling, they'll minimise the light or any draughts that come from the window. And since a ceiling mount is most often used alongside floor length curtains, they'll be covering a much larger space of the wall, creating an additional layer of insulation to keep things comfortable year round.

Ceiling mounted curtains can make windows look larger

An often overlooked use of ceiling mounted curtains is smaller windows, especially short but wide windows. Using a ceiling mount in these situations can create the illusion of larger windows, especially if the track is continued past the edges of the windows as this allows the curtain to be pulled fully out of the way.

Ceiling mounted curtains can help show off architectural features

Ceiling mounted curtains can be a great choice for architectural features like bay windows, creating an elegant look where the track can blend in with the ceiling.

Ceiling mounted curtains can seamlessly utilise a full wall

Curtains never have to be restricted to the size of the window, in fact, curtains are most commonly hung to a larger spec than the window they are covering. But with a ceiling mount, you can extend your curtains seamlessly across a full wall. This can be a great way to bring some drama and elegance to a lounge or a cosy, warm feel to a bedroom.

Ceiling mounted curtains work great for curved windows

Curved windows are a beautiful feature in a home, but they can be challenging when it comes to curtains or blinds. Ceiling mounted curtains can work well for these areas as they can clear obstructions that would prevent a wall mount. However, this greatly depends on the configuration of the bend and the fixing available in the ceiling.

Ceiling mounted curtains are perfect for floor to ceiling windows or patio doors

If your home has floor to ceiling windows or large patio doors, a ceiling mounted curtain might be a good choice. The ceiling mount will stay out of the way of functioning doors and as mentioned above, extending the track beyond the windows or doors will allow you to easily swish the curtains out of the way, providing the best views and the easiest functionality.

What to consider before choosing ceiling mounted curtains

Although there is plenty to love about ceiling mounted curtains, they aren't right in every situation. Before taking the plunge on a ceiling mounted option, it's important to find out if your ceiling has the appropriate fixings to support the weight of the curtains - especially if you're choosing a heavier fabric option. It's also helpful to consider if you're building or doing any major renovations as additional fixings can be added in.

Overall, we love ceiling mounted curtains, but to be sure they're right for you and your home, make sure you talk to your local Russells consultant.

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