Why Thermal Blinds Might Be Right For You

Rochelle Anderson
Russells Consultant
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Although there are plenty of style considerations when choosing new blinds for your home, there are also some practical considerations to think about. That beautiful colour or pattern that you lovingly selected may not be enough if the functionality of your blinds is all wrong.

A thermal roller blind is simply a roller blind with a thermal coating added to the fabric. They can still be customised to suit your style, but they also come with plenty of other practical benefits that you'll appreciate for years to come. Let's go over some of the top benefits we love about thermal roller blinds and compare some of your options so you can make the best decision.

The main benefits of thermal roller blinds

  1. Better temperature regulation
    As the name implies, thermal roller blinds have thermal properties. But what you may not be aware of is thermal properties not only work to keep your home warm in winter, they also help to keep it cool in the summer.
    To take full advantage of this feature, during the winter, open them up as soon as the sun is up to let in as much heat as possible through the day before closing them at dusk to keep it all in. In the summer, close them while you're out during the day to keep the heat out, opening them up in the evening to let the breeze through.
  2. Improved light blocking
    Because of the additional thermal lining, thermal roller blinds keep light from coming through the fabric, making them a good option for bedrooms. Minimising the amount of light that comes into the room can be very beneficial to your sleep and when combined with thermal properties, roller blinds are the perfect option for a warm, cosy bedroom.

Thermal roller blinds vs. thermal curtains

Thermal options are available for both roller blinds and curtains and they are both great options for providing some additional insulation to your windows. The main difference is that thermal roller blinds provide a more modern and minimalistic look than curtains and can be better suited to smaller spaces where curtains may be impractical.

Thermal roller blinds vs. Roman blinds

The function of roller blinds and Roman blinds are similar, as is their minimalistic look and slim profile. They can both be mounted inside or outside the window frame depending on your space or preference.

However, Roman blinds are more thermally effective than roller blinds since they have the option of adding additional linings. Plus, Roman blinds are usually mounted on the outside of the window frame, providing a bit more coverage around the top and sides of the window. They also come in a wider range of colours and styles you can choose from. These options do impact the cost of the blinds and roller blinds are generally more cost effective than Roman blinds so that is something worth considering when speaking to your consultant about your options.

Whether you're considering thermal roller blinds, curtains or honeycomb blinds, our expert consultants can talk you through the options and help you make the right choice for your home.

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