Winter bedroom inspiration

Lisa Nolan
Written by Lisa Nolan
Russells Consultant
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Winter bedroom inspiration

On a cold winter’s day, there is nowhere cosier than to be tucked up in bed with a good book or movie. To create your relaxing bedroom haven, think layers of blankets, soft lighting, heavy curtains and stacks of pillows.

Sheer and blockout curtains

Blankets and rugs can add that cosy element in seconds while careful placement of faux fur throws and pillows will create the perfect winter nest to luxuriate in. Alpine or Scandi motifs or warm colours like burnt orange and rich brown look great on bedding. Colours like these with earthy or sky undertones are very much on trend at the moment, so you’ll be able to use them well past the winter months. Check out more inspiration for this trend.

Dark hues are amazing at creating those moody, wintery bedroom interiors. You could go for a fully dark-shaded room or perhaps you just want to add some dark touches around the room or to your bedding.

Try layering your thermal curtains with a set of sheers for a soft, relaxing look. If you prefer blinds or romans, thinks about combining them with thermal curtains to add additional warmth to the room. Velvet curtains instantly appeal in cold weather, providing a cosy aesthetic to your room.

Heavy, full weight curtains can provide contrast in a room rich in colour, creating the perfect space for snuggling. To help you create that perfect wintery look, book in a free consultation with one of our style consultants.

If your walls are crisp white, try warming them up with a bit of wood panelling. Compliment this with some greenery in rustic pots or glass jars. Create a cosy ambiance with candle lanterns, candleholders and lamps here and there, to make the space more welcoming.

Think of other cosy elements you can add to the room to accentuate it. You could try a knit ottoman, stacks of books, and a string of lights above the bed. If you have a fireplace in your room, highlight it with a wooden mantel to make it even more of a wintery feature. If it’s an old fireplace that no longer goes, consider filling it with candles.

Limosa by Harlequin in Indigo Mustard Stone

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