Winter decor warmers - 8 ways to up your cosiness levels

Marian Ferguson
Written by Marian Ferguson
Russells Consultant
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Creating warmth and cosiness within your home can be done using practical methods and through its aesthetic. Here we have 8 interior additions or alterations you can make to create a luxe and lovely place to be in winter.

Layer lots of accessories

Having lots of layers and textures in a room gives it warmth visually. You can also use some of the layers for physical warmth too. Add colourful, fluffy cushions, rugs and lots of snuggly throws and blankets. Faux fur is especially lush and warming in winter, as is anything knitted. And velvet furniture and accessories bring a plush, glamorous element.


Lighting can really alter how warm your house seems. This is the science of colour temperature. The white light emitted by bulbs comes in varying shades from warm to cool. Warm white is best for bedrooms, dining and living areas you want to make more inviting and cosy.

You could also choose to switch off the overheads and light a room with lamps, or even string up lots of fairy lights. Both offer a very cosy, homely feel.

Or what about candles! These emit actual heat as well as a beautiful soft glow. Scented soy candles are even better. This coconut and lime candle from New Zealand chandlers Lyttelton Lights brings a hint of summer back into your home. Remember to read the safety instructions before burning them.

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A flickering fire (even a fake one)

Remember the old Magicoal heaters? They were electric bar heaters but the real magic was delivered via a system of coloured light bulbs and fans beneath a fake, plastic coal display to make it look as if they were glowing. Yes, it’s as tacky as it sounds, but even when the heater was off but the lights were on they emitted a strong sense of cosiness. The point is if a real fireplace is out of the budget, a digitally displayed one could bring an element of luxurious warmth too.

New colour scheme

The colours in your home make a big difference to how cosy it feels. Taking a big picture view, yellow, orange and red are warm colours. Violet, blue and green are cool colours. Beyond that though, each colour has both warm and cool tones. Apply the big picture again to determine where they fall. For instance, a green with a yellow base is warm, whereas a green with more of a blue tone is cool. A red with a blue base is cool, whereas an orangey red is warm.

Door snakes

Not only are these practical, keeping cold draughts from sneaking under doors; they’re so easy to make yourself you could easily whip up some that match your interior style and look fab too.

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Vintage leather furniture

You could argue leather is the opposite of warm; yes, in winter they can be cool to sit on initially but they warm up quickly. But there’s no denying the natural richness and visual warmth that high-quality leather exudes, especially when it’s a plump, studded vintage armchair or sofa that practically screams ‘reading nook’. And what could be more warm and cosy than that.

Create a reading nook

Some really old British pubs have a room called a snug. It’s a small room just off the bar with room for only a couple of people. Taking a clue from the name, create a small (partially enclosed if possible) area for a reading nook. Give it some comfy seating (it could be furniture, cushions or beanbags) and lots of warm throws and soft lighting to create a cosy place to get away.

Lined curtains and blinds

This is the possibly the number one thing you can do to make your home feel immediately more warm and cosy. A thick, closely woven fabric will offer the best heat loss reduction but whatever you choose just make sure they’re well lined for thermal purposes.

We have heaps more tips that will help you make your home a wonderful place to be during winter in our recent blog about energy efficiency. You can read about insulation, choosing the right heat source and controlling moisture as well.

If warming your home using curtains and blinds is something you’re going to try, call on the advice of one of our style consultants. They come to you so they can assess the needs of your home and help you choose the right solution. Book today.

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