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At ease with green

Various shades of green have become increasing popular in the last couple of years and in 2022 we’re seeing green-based colour palettes in full swing. Habitat by Resene is just one of many design savvy publications highlighting green this year. Green is known as the colour of life, representing renewal, but it also indicates calm and safety, making it a great option for your home. And with many people turning to their homes for more and more leisure time, incorporating soft shades of green is a great way to refresh the space and bring that sense of calm inside.

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Natural connection

As a key colour in nature, green is proven to increase feelings of wellbeing in the home. The natural wood and linen elements here soften the dark colour of the walls and makes this dining room feel inviting and homely. The option to add pops of colour through flowers or décor mean the room can have a seasonal influence with only minimal effort throughout the year.


Use select pieces of seasonal décor to keep a natural room current, such as flowers, artwork, or curios.

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Playing with tones

Green also goes well with other natural colours and can provide a deep, serene canvas for more vibrant colours. And the leaf pattern on these curtains from the Sekers range bring a modern flair to the earthy tones.


Pair deep greens with subtle browns and touches of red and yellow for a nature-focused atmosphere.

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Get inspired

Incorporating a peaceful green into your home can be as easy with a few subtle changes. Most shades of green are incredibly versatile and incorporating things like this striped curtain or green, textured throw pillows can bring this trend to life. Don’t forget to balance your green tones with some warm neutrals for an airier feeling.

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