The pet-friendliest curtains & blinds

Cherie Liddell
Written by Cherie Liddell
Russells Consultant
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If you want to create a safe, pet-friendly home, here’s some advice on what to consider when it comes to curtains and blinds, including durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to scratching or pet hair.

Let’s start with the pets themselves – we’re talking mainly cats and dogs here, but many of the considerations and solutions will be easily applicable to other free-roaming pets you have at home, for example, rabbits, birds or even lizards! So what are the hazards or things to consider when choosing curtains and blinds for a home with pets?


Some cats just love to scratch, bite, and climb fabric home furnishings such as curtains.


Cats and dogs can shed a lot of hair which can get stuck to curtain fabrics and some rough textured blind materials.


Some pets enjoy getting a bit mucky, which is fine while they’re outside. But once they’re indoors, that dirt can easily transfer onto your curtains and blinds.


Pets love to look outside, which is why they wiggle in behind window furnishings. They also like to play and some curtains and blinds come with cords or chains (to operate them) that might look like tempting toys. But sadly, they can pose a strangulation risk. You might have also seen the odd picture on social media of cats and dogs who have got themselves all caught up in slatted venetian blinds. It’s funny on the internet but less so if it happened in your own home.

What are the best window treatment solutions for homes with pets?


Shutters are our most durable window furnishing as they’re fixed firmly in place. They’re also among the most pet-safe because they operate either by hand or with a wand so there’s nothing for animals to get caught up in. And because they’re made from either wood, aluminium or PVC, they’re really easy to clean and don’t tend to get pet hair stuck to them.

View our shutter range.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are also quite pet friendly. Because they’re a flat, single sheet of material, they’re unlikely to harm your pets if they wiggle in behind them. For the same reasons, you could also consider roman blinds or honeycombs.

You can also choose materials for your roller blinds that are easy to clean in case they get any marks on them; for example, our light filter and blockout options.

View our roller blinds range.

Veri Shades®

Our Premium Veri Shades® are also known as ‘the clever walkthrough curtain’ and they’re ideal across sliding doors. They hang beautifully with no weights or connecting chains and simply sway out of the way before settling back perfectly, whether they’re open or closed. These make them ideal for homes with pets as they can pass through to the outdoors simply and safely. On the off-chance damage is caused, individual panes can be replaced which keeps them cost-effective.

Learn more here.

Vertical blinds

These blinds are made up of thin vertical slats that make them hard for pets to cling onto. They can also be operated by wand so there’s reduced hazard from a chain or cord. And individual slats can be replaced should they get damaged or badly marked.

Learn more here.

What about curtains?

There are no ‘perfect’ pet-friendly fabrics, but some are more easily cleaned – velvet, polyester, cotton, linen, or blends of these. Darker coloured fabrics can better ‘hide’ any snags or dirty marks. Silk, and any sheer fabric will be too delicate and not withstand any clawing or chewing. Definitely consider having floating or floor length curtains as opposed to puddled curtains where the fabric pools on the floor; this is just calling out for a pet to snuggle up on or under.

Are there any curtains or blinds that are scratch-resistant or deter chewing?

Not 100%, no. If your kitty is determined to sharpen their claws, or you have a dog who’s a jumper or chewer, these are more behavioural traits that can be fixed in other ways such as keeping sharp claws clipped or providing better chew options. However, there are some materials that are more durable than others. For example, linen curtain fabric would be more likely to rip or tear than a strong wood shutter would be scratchable.

What is the least pet-friendly window treatment?

Probably venetian blinds because they’re made of lots of individual slats and a somewhat complex system of strings or cords that hold them together and move them - can be a less than ideal choice for any windows your animals like to look out of as they may get caught up in them trying to get through them or behind them. That’s not to say you can’t have them, but perhaps consider them for windows that don’t get a lot of pet attention.


Consider blinds with cordless operation. For better pet safety, choose curtains and blinds that don’t need cords or chains to open and close them as these can be a strangulation hazard. We offer motorised blinds for ultimate safety! These can be either roller blinds, honeycombs or roman blinds. Our other cordless options are: • Zero Gravity roller blinds that open and close simply by using the base bar of the blind • Honeycomb blinds which have a handle • Shutters which have fixed blades that tilt using a wand • Vertical blinds can also have wand operation

Everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home.

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