Are curtains or blinds best for kids bedrooms?

Tania Naudé
Written by Tania Naudé
Russells Consultant
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Curtains are great for blocking out light, dampening noise and expressing your child’s personality. But blinds have their own strengths when it comes to health and safety and cleaning. Here’s what you need to consider in choosing curtains and/or blinds for kids’ rooms:

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Reducing noise

It’s not possible to cut out noise completely, but curtains are best for reducing it because they absorb the vibrations. The thicker the better and the more layers so ensure you get them lined. Honeycomb blinds are known to help dampen sound, and a well-lined roman blind may also help.

Blocking light

Any parent will tell you kids need darkness to go to bed. During daylight savings hours, heading into spring and summer, this can be a challenge.

Again, curtains edge out blinds, but only just. For best results opt for block-out lining and choose darker colours in medium to heavy fabrics, hanging the curtain wide and high over the window and down to the floor.

A roman blind, blockout roller blind (mounted outside the frame) or a blockout honeycomb blind will also work well.


Curtains or roman blinds win this category. Kids tend to enjoy bright colours and bold patterns or they might want a fabric featuring a favourite character from a book, TV show or movie. Because curtains and roman blinds are made of fabric the options for colours and patterns for your child to express themselves is almost limitless.

Something to consider however is the age your child is and how well the style choices will date, especially if they’re in a transitionary age range (eg. 12 going into teens); you may want to opt for something more neutral so it lasts them 5+ years. In these cases, all types of blind would be suitable.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Blinds (roller, venetian and shutters) are the easiest options to clean. They are low maintenance, whereas anything fabric needs to be washed or eve drycleaned. A polyester curtain would be suitable as they can be easily laundered at home but be wary of some natural fibres that are too delicate and require professional cleaning so avoid these.


If this is a concern for you, some kind of combo is needed:

  • Double curtain tracks with sheers and a blockout curtain
  • Dual roller blinds
  • Dual honeycomb blinds
  • Suncreen roller with blockout curtains
  • Blockout roller blind with sheer curtains

Health and safety

Both curtains and blinds have pros and cons here.

  • Blind cords are hazardous but you can use a tensioner or choose cordless operation.
  • Blinds or lightweight curtains are better for kids who suffer allergies. Thicker fabrics are better at collecting dust, pollen and dust mites.
  • Shorter curtains are recommended over floor length for younger children so they can’t grab hold and pull or wrap themselves up in them; also re. the above, they don’t collect as much dust.

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