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Generally, the kitchen is a high traffic area with people coming and going all the time. It’s the hub of the home and no other room in the house sees as many different activities as the kitchen. People hang out there, food is cooked there, we eat there, we socialise, we connect with people, homework happens in the kitchen... 

A good kitchen is a place that can be enjoyed functionally and aesthetically, and choosing the right blinds is part of striking that balance.

Plus, beyond your own enjoyment and use of the room, a well-designed kitchen can mean thousands to the value of a home; they reckon it’s the one part of a house that can make or break a sale.

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Things to consider when choosing kitchen blinds are:

How much cooking do you do?

Lots of food causes smoke, grease and odours to settle around the kitchen. Cooking also creates steam making for a very humid environment, which can significantly shorten the life of the blinds. Choose a material for your blinds that will be easy to clean and stand up to frequent heat. If you absolutely have to trade off your desired look because of this, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. Of course, these days, blinds come in so many different colours, patterns and textures you’re sure to find something suitable. For high moisture environments, PVC blinds are ideal.

Will your blind be close to the sink or oven?

A blind in this location will be subject to splashes of water or food on a regular basis so it really does need to be made of something moisture resistant and easy to clean. Wood is not a good idea as it warps, but you can get faux wood if that’s the look you really want. We recommend choosing a material that you can easily wipe with a cloth so it’s never a big deal to have to clean up.

The size of your kitchen

Like any room, the larger it is the more of a feature the windows tend to be. If the room is small, you’re best to opt for something that won’t draw focus. If you have lots of space you can probably dare to go for a blind that is bold and bright.

The positioning of the windows

Think about how much direct sunlight your kitchen gets and how much you actually want in the room. When you’re cooking good lighting is essential. But too much direct sunlight can spoil food. If this is a concern in your home look for a blind with light filtering properties and you’ll have the best of both worlds. 

Do you need privacy?

Taking the above into consideration with this point it’s hard not to land on either Venetian or vertical blinds. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical slats should be dependent on the size of the window. Small and/or short - horizontal is an option, big and/or tall - vertical blinds are more visually appealing and functional. Either way, both these types of blind can be easily tilted to adjust visibility from the outside in, while also controlling light. 

Is there a view to admire?

Roller or vertical blinds are your best options for kitchens with a great view. Both are very easy to roll up or draw back completely for maximum view.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the colour, pattern and texture, it’s all about what you want. But do keep in mind that kitchens are often places full of hard lines, glossy cabinets and modern appliances, so blinds are one of your only chances to soften the room. Neutral hues and tones almost never date and while the choice is yours, a well-designed kitchen is one where the blinds don’t compete with the room, rather they complement or support its main features.


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