Choosing privacy curtains for your home

Chelsea Llewell
Written by Chelsea Llewell
Russells Consultant
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Considering how much privacy you’ll want in your home is an important part of choosing the right window furnishings. Whether you want to fully block out the neighbours or just keep out the prying eyes of passers-by, there are plenty of options.

What are privacy curtains?

Simply put, privacy curtains are any curtains that provide some privacy when closed. They can also sometimes refer to the folding curtain ‘walls’ that can be used for privacy in hospitals or as room dividers, but here we’re talking about the curtains you hang in your home.

When to consider privacy curtains?

Almost everyone should consider privacy curtains in their home as most houses have windows that face the neighbours or the street. If you’re lucky enough to just have an expansive view out of your windows, you might be the exception to this!

Types of privacy curtains

As we mentioned earlier privacy curtains are any curtain that provides a bit of privacy, and that includes sheers, standard curtains, and blockout or thermal curtains.

Sheer privacy curtains

Sheer curtains are great for privacy when you still want to let light in. While they don't provide total privacy (shapes and shadows will still be visible), sheers are a great choice for lounges, dining rooms or hallways as they let in light and even a bit of a breeze through an open window.

Blockout privacy curtains

Blockout curtains are designed to fully block light, so it makes sense that they provide plenty of privacy. These are great in bedrooms where you may want a higher level of privacy and where you’re not spending much time throughout the day.

Thermal privacy curtains

Similar to blockout curtains, thermal curtains provide plenty of privacy. They're also a great choice in bedrooms but can also be ideal in living areas to keep things warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, you may want to consider a dual track curtain to combine them with sheers for more versatility.

Choosing privacy curtains for different rooms

The different areas of your home will likely have different privacy requirements. And each room may also have other practical considerations to think about as well, like whether you need thermal curtains. Luckily, there are some easy guidelines to follow.

1. Bedrooms are ideal for blockout or thermal privacy curtains

2. Lounges are ideal for sheer or thermal privacy curtains


Don't forget you can combine two types of curtains with a dual track system for the ultimate in versatility!

There are also plenty of great blind options for privacy that we haven’t talked about here. In bathrooms or kitchens, blinds are often a better choice for their lower fire risk and resistance to humidity. Venetians, roller blinds, and honeycombs can all be great choices for adding privacy to your home. You can learn more about choosing the right blinds for your home with our guide.

Whatever level of privacy you’re looking for, our expert consultants can help you choose the perfect privacy curtains to suit your home. And they’ll come to you anywhere in New Zealand. Because the best place to get advice on curtains and blinds is at your place. Book a free consultation here.

Learn what to consider in picking the right curtains for your home

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