Year-round comfort with blockout curtains

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Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with blockout curtains? If you’re craving uninterrupted sleep, more privacy, or better temperature control, blockout curtains bring that extra touch of comfort – allowing you to completely disconnect from the world and wake up refreshed on your time. Let’s look closer at some of the benefits of blockout curtains you can take advantage of all year-round.

What are blockout curtains? And what makes them different from other types of curtains?

Blockout curtains (also known as blackout curtains) are the ultimate fusion of fashion and functionality. They’re designed to blockout natural light and UV rays, providing an ideal solution for darkening a bedroom or creating ambiance in media rooms and nooks. They’re made from thicker linings and materials than your regular curtains, giving them exceptional light blocking and sound reducing properties. You can order them pre-lined, but you can also add a blockout lining to most fabrics to customise the look to suit your aesthetic.

Benefits of blockout curtains

1. Block out unwanted Light

As the name suggests, blockout curtains are all about keeping the light out. Whether it’s daylight rays or streetlight glare, these curtains can block out almost 100% of the light, which brings additional perks:

– A better sleep – day or night: A perfect choice for light sleepers or shift workers who need that added comfort for a restful sleep.

– More privacy: Relax away from prying eyes, in the knowledge that nobody can see in.

2. Deflect the sun’s heat
In the summer you can pull your curtains closed when you leave to keep your rooms cool throughout the day. And in the evening, come home and unwind in ambient temperatures, and tranquility.

3. Trap in warm air
As your curtains work to blockout heat in the summer, they also help regulate room temperatures in winter, by trapping in warm air and minimising window drafts.


On a budget? Prioritise blockout curtains in the kids' rooms for a better night sleep for everyone.

Looking for elegant fabrics with the perfect balance of light, privacy and style?

Here are our top recommendations for blockout curtains that will add a touch of class to your home…


Made of either natural or synthetic fibres, if you want glamour and richness in a room, pick velvet. It’s thick and heavy making it great for bedrooms and living spaces where you want to block cold air and light and reduce noise.


With a similar texture to wool, acrylic is a lightweight fabric that drapes beautifully and provides great insulation. Acrylic curtains attract and disperse moisture effortlessly, they’re hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and mildew. If you’d like help choosing the right fabrics or styles for your blockout curtains, get in touch with the team today.

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