Hide your curtain rails for a more minimal aesthetic

Cherie Liddell
Written by Cherie Liddell
Russells Consultant
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While we’re seeing more trends away from minimalism, it remains a popular choice for many. With clean lines, clutter-free spaces and a serene feel, it's easy to see the appeal. If you’re drawn to the minimalist style, you may want to consider hiding your curtain rails.

One key element of minimalist design is decluttering the visual space, and concealed curtain rails can significantly contribute to this goal. Unlike traditional curtain rods that protrude into the room, hidden rails are installed within the ceiling or wall, seamlessly blending into the architecture. This creates a streamlined appearance, free from distracting elements.

By eliminating visible hardware, hidden curtain rails also create an illusion of spaciousness, making rooms feel larger and more open. Additionally, hidden rails provide greater flexibility in curtain styles, allowing for a range of options without disrupting the minimalist aesthetic.

However, implementing hidden curtain rails isn’t always possible. If it’s a look you’re going for, try and include them are part of your larger building or renovation project.

The benefits of planning ahead

If you're building or renovating your home, incorporating hidden curtain rails into the initial design phase is the simplest way to make them work. You can work with your architect or builder to ensure a seamless integration into the ceiling or walls. Considering your window furnishings while you’re still in the design phase also allows you to incorporate details like motorised systems as well for additional functionality.


If you’re looking to hide curtain rails in an existing room without major renovations, make sure you have the space to add built-in boxes that can be integrated to look like part of the wall. However, in smaller rooms, this may create a closed in feeling. If you’re not sure about whether it will suit your space, talk to your consultant.

With the right approach and attention to detail, incorporating hidden curtain rails into your minimalist home can elevate both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. You can learn more about the benefits of quoting off plans or book a free consultation to discuss your options.

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