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Kelly Fletcher
Written by Kelly Fletcher
Russells Consultant
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Here’s the spring trend scoop for those who love to splash colour about…

Here’s the spring trend scoop for those who love to splash colour about…

The light and bright look:

Spring is a delicate season. The sky flits from blue to grey, the buds and blossoms in the garden offer ja hint of colour. In paint trends you’ll find smokey, dusty tones in all colours as a stylish option over neutrals while still being easy to coordinate with.

If you love florals go for big, messy blooms and mix them up rather than trying to match them or go for symmetry.

The nautical look is still a favourite but go easy. Avoid clichés like seashells, rope and anchor motifs. Look to this style more for inspiration with colour and patterns, like royal blue and white stripes, pops of red against blue, and furniture and accessories made of natural materials like rattan.

Make it bold and beautiful:

Some call it ‘botanicals’, others ‘jungle fever’. If it features a big leafy print and/or colourful birds, it’s in. All that green looks amazing with pops of clashing psychedelic colours. And it works so well with rattan furniture. Yes, rattan returns this spring in a big way.

Exotic international flavours this season come from Central and South America. Think carnival time in Brazil. And keep an eye out for Guatemalan textiles featuring lots of repetive patterns like zig zags, strips and diamond shapes in the brightest of colours.

See our Spring Style Guide for the lowdown on bold prints for your window treatments. These add a lot of personality to a room.

And for those who prefer to keep it clean and simple, here’s what’s trending this spring…

Black and white:

Monochrome featured heavily in fashion spring lines so it’s only natural it filters through to home style. Keep it simple or use the opportunity to have splashes of colour. Black and white is the perfect backdrop for anything bright.

One of the best things about a monochromatic colour palette is that it opens the way for exciting fabric patterns when you choose your window treatments.


Bling for your home. Popular in accessories. Add some sheen with platinum, gold, copper, steel, even brass.

Rotation by James Dunlop in Jet

Neutrals and naturals:

As we said before, the 70s are back and rattan furniture is no longer the thing banished to Granny’s conservatory. Due to it’s flexibility, rattan lends itself to creating fab shapes. The rattan furniture of today could almost be described as sculptural.

Whether you choose blinds, drapes or curtains to complement your love of neutral and natural tones you can still enjoy a pattern to liven up the look.

Paint or wallpaper?

Either way, maximalists will be happy to know the trend right now could best be descibred as ‘more is more’. If you’re wallpapering say goodbye to the feature wall and do the whole room. Enjoy the overload and don’t be shy to clash patterns as long as the colour pallette is the same.

Get creative with paint. Stripes aren’t just for wallpaper anymore, nor do they need to be vertical; horzontal stripes are finding their way onto more and more walls and surprisingly also floors. The rule book is out the window – use your imagination.

And speaking of windows:

Spring heading into summer sees an increase in light so consider layering your window treatments. We’re not necessarily talking old fashioned nets. Try a combo of stylish sheer curtains and drapes to filter light and glare during the day and provide privacy and warmth at night. See out Spring Style Guide for inspiration.

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