Getting your home spring-ready

Raewyn Gregory
Written by Raewyn Gregory
Russells Consultant
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With the worst of winter behind us, it’s time to start looking forward to spring and everything that comes with it. Cool mornings that turn into warmer, longer days and the sight of newborn lambs are tell-tale signs that we’re getting closer to summer, and redecorating your home is a great way to mark the change of seasons. There are plenty of ways you can bring a breath of fresh air into your home, here’s just a few ideas.

Change your sheets

This isn’t to say you haven’t been doing so all winter, but with the temperature on its way up think about swapping those heavy, fleecy sheets for a lighter fabric or linen. You don’t have to take away the cozy duvet but consider getting a new cover. Something brighter or lighter with a natural print or pattern can sometimes be all you need to remind yourself each morning that the sun will be out for a little longer than yesterday.

Russells roller blinds

Update your living spaces

Spring is all about being fresh and new, and there’s no reason your home can’t feel the same way. Fresh and fruity scented candles do a great job at creating an atmosphere the rest of your living room can reflect. Like your bedroom, think about a bouquet of fresh flowers on the coffee table and light fabrics on cushions and couch pillows. A fresh paint job on your kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference, as does a bright or lightly coloured rug underfoot to match the feeling of the fresh new grass outside.

Swap out your curtains or think about blinds

As you may have read in our previous article about when you should change your curtains spring is the perfect time to swap out heavier winter curtains for lighter fabrics like airy sheers or linen. It’s a great way to mark the change of seasons and it means you can still have a set hung while the other gets its recommended clean in the meantime.

Roller blinds offer a clean, sleek look which could also be in order this spring and summer. By nature, they roll up and open spaces without hanging around door frames or against walls like curtains or verticals. Verticals do, on the other hand, let you block the sun while allowing a cool breeze through when they’re drawn together. But venetians, however, offer the best of both, sitting at the top of the window and letting you choose how much light enters a room.

Drift by James Dunlop in Haze

If you have any questions about which curtains might suit your home best this spring, you’re welcome to book a free in-home consultation or find out more about our range of curtains and fabrics here.

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