How to add a touch of boho minimalism to your living space

Rochelle Vitz
Written by Rochelle Vitz
Russells Consultant
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The bohemian inspired, minimalist interior style draws from the clean lines of Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern aesthetics, combining them with eclectic bohemian flair. White walls are the way to start; Alabaster by Resene provides a crisp white finish which is easy to softened. Wooden floors are ideal for balancing the white with soft warmth and introducing the natural aesthetic that timber provides.

A Persian rug in the centre of your living space can maintain the cosy aspect, while adding your first touch of boho style with warm reds, natural tones and a break from the clean white lines with interjecting patterns. A hide rug is also a beautiful addition and can provide a touch of warmth to the room. You can also throw it over an armchair for versatility.

Blockout curtains

The clean lines and soft natural textures of Scandinavian inspired, mid-century furnishings can be a beautiful additions to the room. It injects timeless pieces of design into the mix and continues the minimalist look. An emphasis on natural textures and furnishings further enhances the feel of the room, with steel, brick or concrete, woven baskets and wood key elements accentuating the rustic addition.

Indoor plants are key in developing the bohemian influence. A few well-positioned plants will bring your room to life; the fresh green lifts the room and breaks the wood and white. Hanging plants, such as the String of Pearls succulent, can reinvigorate a boring corner and provide balance in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. A Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica) or Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) are ideal for introducing height, while the Monstera Deliciosa will bring a touch of boho to a mid-century sideboard or open shelving. The beautiful Blackbird has a helpful indoor plant guide to help keep your little friends alive. Check it out here.

Sheer curtains

Curtains will add an element of softness to the room while white or neutral coloured sheers made from a natural fabric such as cotton or linen will break the clean lines of the walls. They will do well to add a floaty, bohemian feel, as well as producing beautiful lighting when drawn in the midst of the harsh sunlight hours.

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