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White on white interiors have been a major décor trend for a few seasons now and it will always be a classic look. If you want to try something a little bit different, dark moody colours are becoming more and more popular, think along the lines of emerald green, inky navy and charcoal grey. These dark colours don’t need to be limited to your walls either, have the confidence to choose dark fabrics for your curtains that will create an inviting, comfy home that is an absolute picture.

JD Pandora Low

If you have embraced all things Scandi and minimalist, don’t turn away from a dark palette, it can still work. Dark coloured curtains work beautifully in big light filled spaces, they create visual contrast and make a real statement. The more neutral a room, the more sumptuous dark curtains seem.

Pinterest Minimalist

Dark inky hues create a sophisticated style that make a real statement.

Pinterest Dark Emerald

If you are thinking about sheer curtains, white is not the only option. Sheers in black, navy, grey, and emerald will filter natural light and fashion a dramatic backdrop.

Pinterest Charcoal Sheers

Get the best of both worlds with a double curtain track combining a light white sheer with dark curtains. This two layered approach allows you to change with the seasons, having the dark drape as the backdrop in winter and the lighter sheer for the summer months.

Pinterest Double Tracks

Dark curtains are nothing to be scared of, there is a large range of colours and textures to choose from that can help you create your desired look, from heavy velvet blockout lined curtains to soft and floaty sheers that filter light. Whatever your colour scheme, there is a dark fabric that will complement the look and our style consultants can help.


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