Thermal curtains are a winter must-have. Here's why.

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If you’re starting to notice a few draughts around your windows as the weather turns, it might be time to consider thermal curtains. Even in newer homes built to spec, you can lose up to 30% of your heat through your windows. Although installing more efficient windows is a clear way to minimise heat loss, thermal curtains are a more accessible way to keep your home warm and comfortable through the winter months. Plus, they give you the opportunity to add a touch of your personal style.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of thermal curtains and see what makes them a winter must-have that’s well worth the investment.

Thermal curtains keep your home warm

Thermal curtains work by trapping air between the curtain and the window, creating a barrier that helps to keep the warmth inside. This insulation not only helps to keep you warm but also reduces your energy bills by reducing the amount of heat lost through the windows.

Thermal curtains can help control light

Although thermal curtains aren’t strictly blockout curtains on their own, they are often made from dark or thick fabric or combined with a blockout lining to effectively block out the light, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep or reducing glare on screens.

Thermal curtains are incredibly versatile

Pair your thermal curtains with sheers for privacy throughout the day or choose a removable thermal lining for great flexibility throughout the year—the options are endless. You can even combine them with blinds to create your perfect look. However you want to utilise your thermal curtains, you’ll have complete control over light, privacy, and style in your home.

Thermal curtains aren’t just for winter

The insulating properties of thermal curtains work to your benefit year-round, keeping your home warm through the winter months and cool during the summer. This can help reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, making them a great investment.

Tips to make the most of your thermal curtains

1. Ensure they fit correctly: Properly fitting curtains are essential for maximum insulation and a poor fitting curtain can actually make things worse & a Russells consultant will take all your measurements for you and make sure you get a snug fit with any new curtains.

2. Select the type of thermal curtains you want: There are several options when it comes to thermal curtains, including the colour and style of the fabric, the type of thermal lining used, and whether or not an added interlining is right for you. You’ll also need to decide whether you’d like your curtains to be blockout as well as thermal. Your Russells consultant will guide you through all the options at your free in-home consultation.

3. Be sure to open and close them at the right times: Keeping your curtains open throughout the day allows sunlight to enter and warm your home naturally, while closing them at night helps to trap the warmth inside.

Thermal curtains are an excellent investment for your home during the winter months, providing a range of benefits including temperature control, light control, versatile styling options, and year-round comfort.

If you’re considering getting thermal curtains this year, be sure to book a free in-home consultation with your local Russells consultant. They’ll come right to your home and guide you through the options to make sure you get the perfect solution to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

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