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Stay grounded

With growing uncertainty in many aspects of life, creating a home that feels grounded and calm with earthy tones and natural textures is a growing trend we think is going to stick around. Inspired by places like Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa, this trend leans heavily on natural textures to create an undone, yet upscale atmosphere.

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A bespoke natural sanctuary

One of the things we love the most about this trend is embracing the imperfections of natural materials. The rougher textures and unpredictable patterns feel bespoke and connect to our love of the natural world. It feels like an escape from the sharp lines, smooth finishes and manmade fixtures often found out in the world.

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Colours of the earth

Warm colours like terracotta, ochre, olive and mauve paired with creamy whites and shades of taupe and brown create popular colour palettes for this trend. Inspired by some of the original dyes, taken from natural ingredients, they are easy colours to work with, especially when combined with natural wood, clay and jute or wicker elements.

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Bringing it to life

Linen or linen look curtains are the usual go-to for this kind of styling and for good reason. However, you can also consider wooden Venetians or shutters to add to the natural elements or even choose a coordinating earthy tone in another material to bring our your colour scheme.

Get the look

Here are our top fabric picks to help you achieve this style trend in your home. Ask to see these fabrics when you book your free style consultation.

James Dunlop Alpine Breeze Chino Swatch


James Dunlop


Balance Duckegg




James Dunlop Fusion Cocoon Reflective Cameo 2 Swatch


James Dunlop


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Fabric inspiration

Dunraven by Sekers
Balance by Russells
Breeze by James Dunlop

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