How to choose between custom-made curtains and readymades

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Whether you’re renovating your home, building new or just sprucing up your décor, new curtains can add a lot of value. They’re super practical – use them for privacy, darkening rooms at night, softening bright sunlight, or staying warmer in winter. And being made of fabric, curtains offer you plenty of style flexibility too. But should you buy readymade curtains or have them custom made - which is better?

Benefits of custom-made curtains

1. Perfect fit: If you need curtains for blocking light or staying warmer in winter/better energy efficiency, then fit is very important. Russells’ custom-made curtains include an end-to-end service from measurement to installation so you know they will be the right fit. Keep reading for more our tips on the right length and placement.

2. Lining options: Linings are used to improve light control/blocking and thermal insulation. When you go custom-made you can get really specific solutions for each window. Woven or triple-weave linings curtains, thermal coated fabrics and linings, block-out fabrics, interlining, detachable linings to change out with the seasons, a lining on a dual track with another curtain - read our blog on what the different types of curtain lining offer.

3. Your ideal style guaranteed: Opting for a custom-made service gives you access to a diverse choice of fabrics. There’s no doubt you will get the exact look you desire for your home interior. Need help choosing the right style? Our blog on matching curtains with white walls might be helpful.

Heading style: This is the way the curtain pleats at the top and it plays a big part in how the curtain drapes and therefore, its overall look. You’ll have more options if you choose custom-made curtains. Check out the popular s-fold option, for example.

4. Crafted with care: Our custom-made curtains are crafted in New Zealand with meticulous attention to detail using the best of experience and precision technology for a high quality product. Plus, when you choose Russells’ custom-made curtains, you’ll have an expert visit your home to advise and facilitate all of the above points so you’ll get the right curtains on the right windows, looking just right and the right fit.

Benefits of readymade curtains

1. Faster delivery times: Readymade curtains means they have already been manufactured and are ready to be purchased and hung straight away so you won’t have to wait long before they arrive.

2. Super easy option: Because they’re ready to hang, all you have to do is pick the style you like and the size you need (or closest to it).

3. Popular on-trend looks: Readymade curtains are designed to sell, and because they turnover quickly, they often feature the very latest design trends and colours.

4. Transparent pricing: The cost is what is advertised so you can know really quickly if they fit into your budget.


Curtains work best at blocking light and keeping a room warm when they fully cover the window. This means they start above the top of the frame (or even right up at ceiling height) and go right down to the floor (either stopping a few millimetres about or touching and pooling on the floor).

From cost-effective to high-end, we have something for everyone at Russells. We have a range of quality readymade curtains in sizes that will fit many of the common window sizes in Kiwi homes. We also specialise in custom-made curtains. Our huge collection of fabrics includes ranges we’ve handpicked, and other supplied by well-known fabric houses. It all starts with a free in-home consultation. Even if it’s just to ask more questions about custom-made curtains vs readymade curtains.

Learn what to consider in picking the right curtains for your home

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