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Spice things up

Pulling inspiration from the kitchen, we’re seeing an injection of spicey colours in 2022, heavily influenced by the traditional patterns and materials of cultures from around the world. In fact, the Dulux trends of 2022 all incorporate more brown hues, often tinged with yellow or red, demonstrating just how important warm colours will be this year. In combination with bold patterns to create visual interest, these warm tones create a sense of homeliness that we are all appreciating more and more in recent years.

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Warming shades

This year we're seeing a distinct shift from cooler grey and white tones to warmer shades of blush, biscuit, and calico. Similar to the emphasis on calming greens, this trend seeks to bring nature inside, but draws inspiration from arid desert climes rather then lush forests.

Rich browns of all shades blended with subtle pinks, oranges, and reds are highlighted by bold graphic prints or distinct textures bring warmth and new life to a room.

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Using texture

Warmer tones call for more interesting textures. Mixing in elements of leather, suede, jute, cane, wood, or linen take a room from bland to inviting. And incorporating stoneware, clay, gently exposed brick, dried greenery, or woven materials in the décor accents continues to bring a sense of nature inside.


Add a mix of textures throughout your space to create a welcoming, homely feel.

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