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Dark & sensual

Part of the emerging maximalist trend, going for darker interiors is becoming increasingly popular. Deep hues are comforting and provide a dramatic backdrop for luxurious pops of colour and interesting textural elements. Heavy, luxurious fabrics like velvet are also making an appearance and busy floral patterns provide some balance, adding to the dark drama.

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A sense of luxury

Going dark in your décor can be intimidating, but we’ve seen more people taking the plunge in 2021 and it is poised to be even more popular in 2022. When used well, deep tones can feel luxurious and premium. The Flourish colour trend from Dulux demonstrates how combining rich, sensual hues like petrol blue with deep reds and warm neutrals can create intimacy and warmth.

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Colourful highlights

Gold accents bring a bit of brightness to a dark room and create a vintage feel, which is increasing popular in 2022. For a more modern glamorous look, go with a smooth brushed gold; to lean into the vintage feel, go with a deeper tone.


Pops of colour, and varying shades of similar colours help bring visual interest to a darker palette.

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Using darker elements

For those hesitant about a drastic change, try bringing in darker elements to balance out lighter tones. Dark, heavy curtains or a key piece of furniture in a deeper hue can bring that sense of drama without the commitment of changing an entire room.

The dark curtains here contrast the lighter wood, making it feel warmer and more inviting.

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