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Colour drenching

Another bold trend that stands in direct opposite to the beige focus of the 2010s, colour drenching is the process of literally drenching a room in a single colour. As with all trends, there are more subtle ways to start incorporating colour drenching into your home, but its hallmark is choosing a single, central colour for a room and sticking to it.

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Create a backdrop

Depending on what colour you choose, colour drenching can be a bold move, but by painting walls, ceilings, fireplaces, radiators and other stand out pieces of a room all the same colour, you’re essentially helping them all blend together. This creates an epic backdrop to highlight other pieces of furniture, décor, hardwood floors or anything else you want to stand out.

TIP: While we usually suggest contrasting your curtains with your walls, if you’re colour drenching, get as close to your paint colour as possible.

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Play with shades, tones & textures

If you’re carrying the colour drenching into the room’s furnishings as well, it’s a great chance to play with different shades or tones of the same colour. Adding different finishes and textures like matte, boucle, velvet, etc. in your furnishings can add depth as well.

TIP: Even in a full colour drenched room, you’ll want some accents. Gold, matte black or chrome can be a subtle, beautiful addition to bring the look together.

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Choosing the right colour

While most of the inspo for colour drenching features intense blacks, vibrant pinks or similarly bold choices, you can achieve a similar feel with softer, more neutral tones. Consider a very soft orange for a warm, inviting feel or a gentle blue for a calming vibe.

Fabric inspiration

Maharaja Atlantic by James Dunlop
Isla watermelon by Russells
Heritage forest by Russells

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