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Dopamine décor

Inspired by the neurotransmitter responsible for our feelings of happiness, dopamine décor is all about bringing pure happiness into your home. If that sounds a bit vague, you’re not wrong – this trend has a heavily personal tone and what makes one person happy might not do it for another. But there are some underlying themes that can get you started if you’re considering leaning into dopamine décor in your home.

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Let your inner child lead

Creating a home that makes you happy sounds simple in theory, but in practice, it can be hard to know where to start. Much of dopamine décor evokes memories of a carefree childhood when you hung posters on the walls and spent your allowance on eccentric items like a phone shaped like lips or a lava lamp. While your tastes may have evolved, think back to what brought you joy then – that’s where you start.

TIP: Pull out your favourite pieces of décor, art or clothing and see what themes you find to inspire you!

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Your perfect escape

For some, it might be big bold blocks of bright colours, for others, it might be a retro-inspired ultra-modern spacey vibe. For most, it might be something a little more subtle, but whatever your perfect escape looks like, this is your sign to dive right in. Would stepping into a tropical jungle every day put a smile on your face? Pull in bold shades of green with lots of foliage and tropical patterns.

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It’s all about balance

While dopamine décor can feel a bit overboard, when it comes down to it, there still needs to be a sense of balance. For most of us, starting with a strong neutral base and adding in fun, personal elements like artwork, soft furnishings or vintage pieces is the ideal way to embrace dopamine décor.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix colours or patterns for a unique look but remember to balance them with neutrals in between.

Fabric Inspiration

Tresillo Azul Fuchsia Seagrass Zest by Harlequin
Fleur Ochre by Russells
Japandi Usuko Olive Ginger Teal by Scion

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