purple green red foliage leaf tropical pattern curtains in contemporary lounge room on dark navy blue walls

Amongst the leaves

Humanity’s need to nurture couldn’t be better expressed than by our desire to fill our homes with plants. House plant sales hit all-time highs in 2020 and are expected to increase further in 2021. The need to articulate nature indoors easily translates across interior features, including fabrics. So here are some of our top foliage inspired fabric picks to bring an outdoor influence into your living environment.

silver and white leaf foliage pattern sheer curtains in modern lounge room

Sheer botanicals

The translucency of these fabrics is oh so soft and the artistic portrayal of the prints creates a very elegant look.

James Dunlop Zarra Ink Swatch

James Dunlop



James Dunlop Essentials Solandra Tourmaline 4 Swatch

James Dunlop



James Dunlop Fusion Season Linen Swatch

James Dunlop



grey and white branch foliage leaf pattern curtains in contemporary lounge space on olive green walls

Monochrome leaves

These fabrics we like because they satisfy those who want to emulate nature without committing to a green or coloured fabric.

James Dunlop Essentials Linfield Charcoal Swatch

James Dunlop


James Dunlop Leaf Fall Pewter Swatch

James Dunlop

Leaf fall


Warwick Mill Bay Slate Swatch


Mill Bay

green blue white foliage leaf pattern curtains in contemporary lounge on grey blue walls

Exotic delights

The complete opposite to monochrome, this theme is all about going big and bold so make sure you’re choosing it for a room that can handle it. Go for a mid-sized to large leaf print for best effect.

This Clark & Clarke fabric is the leaf theme with a bit of a twist as it features whole palm trees and a scene with elephants! Quite unexpected for a curtain fabric.

Leaf patterns can also be delicate and subtle, telling their story through delicate embroidery that adds textural interest.

Clarke Clarke Indienne Mandir Linen Swatch

Clarke & Clarke



Harlequin Amazilia Nalina Zest Cocoa Stone 2 Swatch



James Dunlop Evergreen Aruba Jungle Swatch

James Dunlop



various foliage pattern curtains in modern contemporary lounge rooms on white timber walls

Australian inspired

These two fabrics we’re drawn to because they reminds us of our part of the world with their fern and eucalyptus leaf patterns.

Warwick Hepburn Eucalyptus Swatch




Scion Melinki Athyrium Chalk Pewter and biscuit Swatch



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