white sheer curtains in african modern lounge room on brown textured walls

Earth and sky

Taking inspiration from the most in-demand interior colour palettes, we’ve curated a selected of fabrics that help draw the outdoors in to create spaces that make us feel connected with the natural world.

red navy blue brown decorative pattern curtains in contemporary lounge room on tan brown walls


Dulux’s colour forecast is a great guide to help you create the latest looks in your home. For 2021, themes include Nourish and Reset, the colour palettes of which both feature earthy tones that range from taupe to yellowy beiges, orangey reds to reddish browns, woodsy and bluey greens, and plenty of neutrals to balance out the deeper colours.

beige textured sheer curtains in contemporary scene

Colours to soothe and uplift

Earth tones are always soothing, and even the most subdued hues tend to be quite versatile. The challenge can be maintaining visual interest. But neutral doesn’t have to mean plain. As the names suggest, both colour palettes offer different feelings. With Nourish you’ll create a cosy, homely sanctuary; choose Reset for a fresh and uplifting aesthetic.


“Earth-based hues create a harmonious setting to help with inspiration and creativity”. Earthy tones keep us grounded and their versatility allows us to create interiors that range from rustic to grand and elegant.

Fabric inspiration

white curtains in modern lounge room on dark blue walls


Moody blues, grey sky hues and colours as light as air. Turning to the third theme in Dulux’s colour forecast for 2021 as inspiration – the Retreat colour palette offers some deep and calming blues and greys that allow you to create a space fit for working, relaxing and living in.

white and beige zig zag pattern sheer curtains in modern lounge room on white walls

Graceful grey

We love how this billowy James Dunlop fabric brings softness and lightens the polished concrete floor. The subtle pattern is embroidered and gives the fabric a point of visual interest. The grey-on-grey colour palette is sophisticated, contemporary and tranquil but not at all ‘too much’ as the sheer quality of the fabric allows the natural landscape outside to also play a part in the aesthetic of the room. Choose a heading style that requires more fabric to achieve these organic painterly forms in the way it drapes.

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