Choosing the perfect fabric for your minimalistic room

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Styling a minimalistic room brings a sense of simplicity and calm into any home. Curtains are a popular and modern option to cover any window, and there are many ways you can use these to elevate or complement the neutrality of your space.

Whether it’s the texture of the fabric or the colours you choose to create a certain atmosphere, here are a few ways our curtains can add to a room and bring it together while still staying true to your minimalist stylings.


Minimalist doesn’t have to mean white, light and neutral only. It simple means less is more. So, when thinking about using a solid colour in a minimalist space, it’s important to consider if you want the curtains to be something that stands out or if you’d prefer them to blend in with the walls. Lighter tones create a soft atmosphere. But there’s no reason you couldn’t go for something very bright and bold or dark that’s in total contrast with the walls.


Also offering a soft look but also a bit more of a statement, textured fabrics give you a tangible element as well as colour options when creating a minimalist atmosphere. As they’re almost exclusively one colour, the appeal in using textures comes from the subtle shadows that play on the fabric and the patterns that can add another layer of interest to a space.


By nature, sheers lend themselves to minimalist spaces due to their lightweight, airiness. Because they diffuse light and still let you see outside, with a tone that matches the colour of your walls they can also make a room feel larger than it is. By pairing sheers with a white Venetian blind or a soft coloured curtain you get the advantage of privacy without blocking light during the day, and you’re able to retain warmth at night while your space is still minimalistic. Check out our recent blog on the different ways you can style sheers. They’re really versatile.

Geometrics and botanicals

Yes, patterns can work in minimalistic rooms too. The key is not to have too many other competing elements. Geometrics work well because their structured, repeated patterns are ordered. Botanicals, on the other hand, are a little like textures and tend to work best when the shades are lighter and the graphic pattern a bit less defined (think watercolour paintings) and the shades are lighter.

Whatever you choose, the key to creating being minimal is that each part of the room complements each other, so create purposeful focal points with either furniture, curtains or specially chosen accessories like art.

Our style consultants have so much experience they’ve seen it all. There’s really no one better to have help you create a minimalist style space with curtains so book your in home consultation today.

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Learn what to consider in picking the right curtains for your home

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