Choosing curtains or blinds for your bay window

Angela Wilson
Written by Angela Wilson
Russells Consultant
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Bay windows are a beautiful interior feature, adding a touch of character to your home with their intricate detailing and departure from the squared lines of a modern room. Choosing between curtains and blinds for your bay window can be difficult, but is generally dictated by the location of your window and the rooms intended use.

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There are a number of options when it comes to using curtains in your bay window, but the most important thing is that the windows are not overshadowed by your choice in curtain.

Single track

A simple, effective option is to use curtains that are drawn across the front of the bay. This allows you to cleanly cover the window space without cluttering the bay with curtains. Team light, breezy curtains with simple roller blinds to get the look you want with the practicality and privacy of blinds.

Bent or curved tracks

If you’re after curtains that will sit inside the bay space then your best option is to go with a bent or curved track, this helps to eliminate light gaps in your bay window when the curtains are drawn. As bay windows have a number of sections you can choose to have a separate curtain on each section, the traditional pair of curtains that meet in the middle of the bay or a single curtain that goes across all the sections.

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There are a number of options when it comes to using blinds in your bay window and these vary depending on the type of blind.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a hugely effective option for a simple window covering which works to accentuate the beautiful character of the window space itself. You will need a single roller blind for each window aspect to create a clean, minimalist look.

They’re ideal if your bay window has a built in window seat or other furniture as they don’t take up too much space in the bay. Roller blinds look best in bay windows with mullions between each section as this reduces the amount of light gaps when the blind is drawn.

Roman blinds

As with roller blinds, roman blinds are a simple and effective yet elegant option for controlling the light and privacy of your bay window. They can be made to fill the required window space, and fit cleanly above a window seat or kitchen bench.

You will need three or four separate blinds across each window aspect to achieve a uniform, clean look. It’s important to consider that when they’re raised, roman blinds do hang over the top part of the window, potentially blocking an aspect that you would prefer to accentuate. Roman blinds are effective insulators and can be customised to include black out and thermal lining.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds create a classic, timeless look however they can in some circumstances, be too busy for your bay window, making it feel cluttered. If you are furnishing a window that extends as high as the ceiling, simple Venetians may work well over the lower part of the window, offering privacy and light control.

If you do decide to go for full-length venetian blinds, white slats are an excellent option for a clean, uncluttered look.

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