Curtains to keep you cool this summer

Kelly Fletcher
Written by Kelly Fletcher
Russells Consultant
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The summer sun here in New Zealand can be harsh but there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to curtains to keep you cool. Of course, curtains can only go so far and depending on how much sun your home gets through the day, you'll also want to consider fans or running the air conditioner setting on your heat pump in the hottest days.

Check out these tips to keeping cool this summer.

Choose light coloured curtains to reflect heat

Light coloured curtains are a great choice for rooms that get plenty of direct sunlight as they reflect the heat and light away, rather than absorbing it like dark curtains. This can help keep a room cooler through the hottest hours of the day - of course you'll need to keep the curtains closed for them to help.

Let it flow with sheer curtains

A great choice for rooms that don't get too much direct sunlight, sheer curtains help soften harsh light and allow more airflow than other curtains. This is especially helpful for larger windows or doors that you want to keep open for the breeze. Sheers are a great option for maintaining indoor/outdoor flow and helping your space feel bright and inviting without harsh glares.

Keep the sun out with blockout curtains

Best for bedrooms or areas that get a lot of direct sunlight, blockout curtains do exactly that - blockout light. By keeping the light out, you keep much of the heat out as well for a cooler room. Although having blockout curtains may make a room quite dark, this can work to your advantage in bedrooms as blocking out the light in the evenings is great for a better night's sleep.

Stay cool with insulating thermal curtains

We often associate thermal curtains with keeping warm in winter, but their insulating properties work both ways! Thermal curtains create a barrier between the inside and the outside, helping to maintain the inside temperature - whether that's warmer or cooler than outside. This is a great option to have closed through the day while you're out, so you come home to a cool room. As thermal curtains tend to be quite thick, they'll also block most light so can feel dark at times.

Mix and match curtain options for the best results

Dual curtains are the perfect solution to keeping cool this summer. Combine a sheer curtain with a thermal or blockout curtain to block the light and provide extra insulation when needed but allow natural light in and better airflow when desired. It's the best of both worlds!

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